Riot Reworking Ornn Passive In LoL Patch 14.11

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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After a huge update landed, Riot is working on a rework for Ornn’s Passive in LoL Patch 14.11.

Patch 14.10 hit almost every gameplay aspect from a player’s perspective. However, barring the Corki changes, there have not been a bunch of champion changes. It seems Riot focus more on Runes, Items and more than champions.

That said, Patch 14.11 is going to get one of the biggest changes for a little while. Riot is reworking how Ornn’s Passive will upgrade items. There is a lot to get to so let’s jump right into it.

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Ornn Passive Rework

Riot is changing the functionality of Ornn’s Passive. Here are the changes.

  • Passive – Living Forge:
    • Innate – Master Craftsman:
      • All Legendary Items can now be upgraded.
      • Upgraded Items no longer have a unique name and instead have a Masterwork Tag.
      • Item chosen to upgrade is in the first slot (still only upgrades one item per champion).
      • Upgrades are still worth 1000 Gold. Upgradable stats and values are as follows:
        • Attack Damage: 1 per 35 Gold.
        • Ability Power: 1 per 20 Gold.
        • Health: 1 per 2.66 Gold.
        • Armor: 1 per 20 Gold.
        • Magic Resistance: 1 per 18 Gold.
        • Ability Haste: 1 per 31.25 Gold.
        • Attack Speed: 1% per 30 Gold.

Release Date

The new Ornn Passive changes are coming out in Patch 14.11, which will be released on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

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