Riot Premieres VALORANT Champions 2021 song ‘Die For You’

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Riot Games

The premiere of the VALORANT Champions 2021 song ‘Die For You’ finally went live and it’s something else.

VALORANT Champions 2021 tournament is coming up in a few days. On December 1st, 2021, 16 teams will participate in a tournament in Berlin, Germany. The VALORANT Champions is a Riot-sponsored event and will take place until Dec 12.

As with all other League of Legends tournaments, Riot Games teased a song coming out for this very first VALORANT Champions tournament as well. 16 teams have qualified for this tournament and this is Riot’s way of hyping up the players and the spectators. The song’s name is ‘Die for You’ and Riot Games teased the premiere of this song multiple times on different social media platforms.

Finally, the wait is over and the premiere of the VALORANT Champions songs ‘Die for You’ is live.

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VALORANT Champions 2021 Song ‘Die for You’:

The song ‘Die for You’ is from Grabbitz and the animation showed off different VALORANT agents in action. Riot Games has once again proved that they are the best in the industry when it comes to animation and music videos.

YouTube video

The new VALORANT Champions 2021 song is sure to create hype ahead of the tournament as the quality of the song and the animation are on par with Riot’s previous works.

In the 1st part, we see Brimstone and Sage running from gunshots on the Split map’s B site. The two agents quickly take cover and are trying to defuse the spike. But we also see Chamber who already has Brim and Sage in his sights.

We then see Phoenix, leap out and activate his ultimate ability but Chamber shoots him. The video then cuts to some shots of Brimstone, Phoenix, and Sage that show the amazing animation quality and Riot’s creativeness.

Finally, towards the end of the video, we are back to the Split B site. Brimstone seems to be injured so Sage is the one who tries to defuse the bomb but Chamber tries to shoot her. That’s when Phoenix comes back and protects her by blocking Chgamber’s vision with a flame wall.

Phoenix then throws Sage the spike defuser and they all attempt to defuse the spike together. The music video also shows off some other characters as well, who are probably supposed to be players playing the agents.

One YouTube user ‘MXJY29’ commented about his own understanding of the song which seems pretty accurate. The comment says,

“From this i guess they all three learned something from their past :

Brimstone who feels responsible for everyone learns to let go (he is hurt, he cant fight)

Maybe Sage was always healing and felt ‘stuck’, unable to act properly. Now she takes initiatives herself.

Phoenix who loves playing the hero learns to let other people take over and to support them (as seen by the light ball he passes to the other agent / then the difuser to sage)”

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