Riot is yet to fix Tahm Kench’s global Devour exploit that is currently causing havoc in League of Legends

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A new Tahm Kench bug or exploit has emerged on patch 10.20 that allows him to Devour his allies from anywhere on the map.

It’s nothing new to see game-breaking bugs or exploit that give some champions unfair advantages in League of Legends. In season 10 alone there were two major exploits, Kayn global W and Poppy exploit that allowed her to use abilities and hit all the enemy champions globally at the same time.

Moreover, it took Riot weeks before they could fix them completely. At one point, that Poppy bug was so obnoxious that some players even had 500+ kills in ranked games. Riot however did ban all the players who have abused the bugs on ranked.

And now, a new bug or exploit has emerged on patch 10.20 and this time it is related to everyone’s favorite catfish Tahm Kench.

YouTube video

From Vandiril‘s video, we can see that Tahm Kench is able to cast his W, Devour globally on his allies, minions, and even on the enemy champions. The video also shows that the bug is not random rather controllable by Tahm Kench and can be abused multiple times in a single game.

This glitch might not be as obnoxious as Poppy or Kayn, but it is still annoying to play with or against. Furthermore, a lot of League players are reporting that they are occasionally encountering the exploit in their ranked games means some players are already abusing it intentionally.

Riot’s Response

Riot however did respond to the exploit by stating it as “Legit game breaking.” They also mentioned that “it is documented and being looked into,” and they are currently working on it right now.

Riot Games always take this type of exploits seriously. Previously they banned all the players who abused them on ranked. So it is not recommended to abuse the Tahm Kench bug intentionally to ruin other players’ enjoyment.

The exploit is still in the game and some players are reporting that they are facing it on PBE as well. But, as Riot mentioned that they are currently working on it, we can expect to see the fixes very soon.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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