Riot is finally nerfing Death’s Dance along with Guardian in patch 10.13

One of the strongest items in League of Legends, Death’s Dance is finally getting nerfs in patch 10.13.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.13. And it seems like they are planning to nerf one of the strongest items at this moment Death’s Dance along with abusive Guardian rune. The changes are currently on PBE for testing and will hit the live servers on patch 10.13.

Death’s Dance Nerf Patch 10.13

  • Stored damage for ranged 20% >>> 10%

Death’s Dance has been one of the best items in League of Legends since it was reworked on patch 10.6. In the rework Death’s Dance received additional 30 armor and magic resistance. Before the changes, it was mostly used by the bruisers but after the new changes, it became one of the most impactful items for the ranged champions.

Champions like Ezreal, Kalista, Aphelios, and Lucian have been abusing like it for the last couple of patches. Because of Death’s Dance, Ezreal is now hovering around 40 percent pick rate for four patches with having one of the highest win rates.

Therefore, Riot Games is planning to take away some of the Death’s Dance’ strength from ranged champion by reducing stored damage by 10%.

Guardian Nerf Patch 10.13

  • Shield Base: 80-200 >>>70-150

Guardian just received new changes in patch 10.12, which increased its trigger radius, shield duration, and a new triggering effect. But ever since the new changes some peeling champions like Lulu, Soraka, Taric, and others are kinda abusing the rune in patch 10.12. Thus, Riot is reducing Guardian‘s base shield from 80-200 to 70-150 in the upcoming patch 10.13.

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