Riot is Experimenting with Pyke Mini-Rework on League of Legends PBE Patch 12.9

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Pyke has received some major changes on the PBE server, which can be compared to a mini-rework. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Riot has been trying to move Pyke away from mid-lane for years now. But every time, they are unsuccessful, and Pyke somehow finds himself in Mid again. The biggest nerf to Pyke’s mid-lane adventures was when Riot removed damage to minions on his E. This made clearing waves with Pyke extremely hard. But still, people are playing Pyke in Mid with great success.

Mid-lane Pyke had over 53% win rate in Patch 12.7. That’s crazy when you think about how little waveclear Pyke has. But Pyke never relied on CSing anyway. His strength comes from roaming around the map and getting kills after level 6. But Riot’s latest attempt at nerfing mid-lane Pyke might just be successful.

Pyke Mini-Rework on PBE

Q – Bone Skewer

Pyke Q
Pyke’s Q, Image Via @Spideraxe30
  • Q mana cost increased from 55-70 to 74-90
  • If Q hits and the enemy or the channel doesn’t complete, 75% of the mana cost is refunded.

Though Q will now refund more mana, you have to hit an enemy to get the refund. This is mainly a hit towards mid-lane Pyke, who needs to spam Q to farm minions.

R – Death From Below

Pyke R
Pyke’s R, Image Via @Spideraxe30
  • Pyke No Longers get extra gold from executing with R

If Pyke gets a kill with his ultimate, he now gets 100-300 more gold based on the enemy’s bounty. But it will be removed if the changes in PBE come through.

Also, there was another announcement about making Pyke’s ult scale infinitely scale. But to balance out, they will lower the base damage in the early game. So it will be challenging to snowball as Pyke. Although this change is labeled as ‘very VERY experimental.’


Pyke Passive
Pyke’s Passive, Image Via @SkinSpotlights
  • If there is a nearby ally champion, Pyke’s basic attack will execute minions or wards and grant that ally the kill gold instead of himself. This has a 50s cooldown.

Pyke’s new ultimate will scale infinitely with this execute mechanic added to his passive and also with the executions he gets from his ultimate. Think of it as Senna or Thresh collecting souls all game. Pyke will also get increased damage on his ultimate based on how many ‘executions’ he can secure. But champion executions with ultimate will count more than ward or minion executions.

Release Date

These changes are on the PBE right now, so some things can change, or Riot may scrap them entirely. But if these go through, they will hit live servers on patch 12.9, Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

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Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.