Riot Games targets AFK abusers in a new VALORANT ban wave

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games just banned players in a new ban wave for abusing AFK to farm free XP in VALORANT.

Basically, all this started when some VALORANT players figured out they can just AFK abuse their way to gain some extra XP. As battle pass requires a lot of XP to fully unlock everything, some players decided to farm some XP by just being AFK(away from keyboard).

VALORANT AFK abuser ban wave
Image via Riot Games

However, as it turns out, the Vanguard security team at Riot Games quickly caught onto exactly what was happening. Consequently, Riot Games decided to ban VALORANT players who were farming XP illegally.


Riot targets AFK abusers:

One of the anti-cheat developers on VALORANT just announced this news via a tweet on his Twitter account. “We took some action against people who were AFK abusing to farm XP in Valorant, across all queues – if you feel you’ve been unfairly banned, please write into Player Support so we can have the case reviewed by our specialists“, Matt Paoletti on the recent ban wave.

Furthermore, he also insisted players on reaching Riot’s Player support team in order to get unbanned if they were truly innocent. Since some players are complaining that they were banned unfairly without a plausible cause, the player support team at Riot Games will surely be busy after the new ban wave.

While Riot Games didn’t mention exactly how many accounts were actually affected with the new ban wave, the outcry on the social media platforms hints at another story as some players believe this ban was unjustified.

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