Riot Games revealed Elemental Rift change for patch 10.12

Riot Games plans to bring improvements to some Elemental Rift in the upcoming patch 10.12.

Elemental Rift is one of the major changes Riot Games brought in Season 10. As there are four Elemental Rifts that varies from game to game, it brought quite driving changes to the game from what it used to be. League community quickly adapted to the changes and appreciated Riot Games for bringing these dynamic changes to the rift.

Now for the patch 10.12, Riot Scruffy announced on the latest dev post that they are planning to bring some improvements to some Elemental Rifts.

Riot Scruffy said, “We’re very happy with how environmental changes add new mastery points and freshness without generating particular advantage to one team or another – it’s how well you use them.”

Infernal Rift and Cloud Rift are the two Elemental Rifts that are getting improvements while Ocean Rift and Mountainous Rift remain unchanged.

In the new improved Infernal Rift, they are now adding additional Blast Cones spawn in the jungle and alcoves.

For the Cloud Rift, they are adding additional Scryers Blooms spawn in the jungle and wind speed areas now have increased effect for champions out of combat.

Ocean Rift and Mountainous Rift might have a slight advantage compared to Infernal Rift and Cloud Rift. But, with these new changes, Infernal Rift and Cloud Rift might not feel as underwhelming as it is now.

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