Riot Reav Provides Gamemode Team Update

Riot Reav recently shared some information about the state of the Gamemode Team.

Game Modes are an integral part of any online multiplayer experience. League of Legends, being an online game, has a fair share of options. These include ARAM, Twisted Treeline, URF, and One For All, to name a few.

These game modes are usually a fun addition to the standard gameplay cycle. People play these game modes when they are bored and want to have fun with friends or relax. Furthermore, these modes are quite popular among players, particularly casual League players.

But Riot has been slacking in the game modes department for the past few years. They have only been recycling the same game modes, such as ARURF, One For All, and Ultimate Spellbook. They didn’t bring back Nexus Blitz in 2022, which led to backlash from the community.

To add fuel to the fire, Riot didn’t even talk about game modes in their Season 2023 | LoL Pls. Many people even thought Riot wouldn’t ever bring back older game modes or introduce new ones.

But fret not; in a recent Reddit post, Riot Reav provided some information about the current state of the Gamemode Team and how they are working on bringing the game modes back.

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Gamemode Team Update

According to Riot Reav the Gamemode Team was shifted to the PIE team last year because several of the Gamemode Team members had left Riot or transferred to other teams.

But recently, the game modes team returned to the gameplay initiative from Player Immersion and Expression (PIE) team. Although the Gamemode team has returned, it will take some time for the team to ramp up production, so any new game modes might take some time.

However, Riot Reav assured us they would get a dev blog out soon to inform the players about their progress.

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