Riot Fixes Rek’Sai Instakill Exploit on LoL Patch 12.7

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Rek’sai had a game-breaking exploit that people were taking advantage of in ranked. Riot has addressed the issue and fixed it with a mid patch update.

You have probably seen videos of Rek’Sai one-shotting people with her E, Burrow/Unburrow. This was thought to be a bug in League after patch 12.7 but turned out to be a script. When used, it treated the enemy like Rek’Sai’s tunnel. Her tunnels have 0 HP at first but quickly go to 100. The same thing was happening with the exploit.

Rek’Sai could unburrow under enemy champions, dragons and even Baron, and the game would treat them as tunnels. And they would have 0 HP for a second before getting to full health. So Rek’Sai needed to hit the enemy once to kill them. People were using this to climb ranked as it was free elo.

Rek’Sai Exploit

There are countless videos and complaints about the Rek’Sai Exploit. Players were demanding a fix for the exploit as it cost people LP. You can see some examples here. A video by Vandiril, who is famous for finding bugs in the game, showed a detailed view of the exploit.

You can see how Rek’Sai can pretty much one-shot everything. But her damage chart shows very low damage. That is because Rek’Sai was actually doing the last bit of damage with an auto-attack. Enemies were already 0 HP because of the exploit.

YouTube video

This is a crazy thing to see, as it has been a while since there was such a significant exploit in the game. So naturally, players were sharing their experiences with the exploit and demanding a quick fix from Riot.

Riot Fixes Rek’Sai Exploit

Riot finally addressed the issue and disabled Rek’Sai. They recently released a mid patch update, which should fix the issue.

Rek'Sai Mid Patch Update
Rek’Sai Mid Patch Update, Image Via Riot Games

“4/18/2022 Rek’Sai Fix
Rek’ing Havoc: Addressed the issue where, if exploited, Rek’Sai could almost immediately destroy targets using E – Burrow/Unburrow.”

Punishment for Using the Exploit

Riot has not issued any statement about punishing the players who used the exploit to win games and created a bad experience for everyone. If this were a simple bug, Riot would be solely responsible for it. So they won’t be able to punish anyone.

But seeing as this was an exploit that players were knowingly taking advantage of, players are expecting a swift response from Riot against players using this exploit. But it is still unknown if Riot intends to do something about it or not. At least the exploit is fixed.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.