Riot Confirms Arcane is Now Officially Canon in League of Legends Lore

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games, Netflix

League of Legends just received a huge lore update.

The Netflix animated series Arcane was one of the biggest shows of 2021. The show had amazing storytelling, compelling characters, breathtaking visuals, fantastic music, and amazing sound design to boot. Throughout the show’s short nine-episode runtime, it managed to capture the hearts of millions.

It was also how many were introduced to the amazing world of Runeterra and the League of Legends lore. Although Arcane is based on the League of Legends lore, it has some stark differences. So, players wondered for years as to whether Arcane is indeed canon or not.

However, Riot has recently confirmed that Arcane is now canon. Here is what we know about it.

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Arcane Is Now Canon

In the latest Dev Update video for League of Legends, Riot gave us some of the biggest lore updates in years.

Over the years, Riot has included minor inconsistencies in the League of Legends lore. For instance, how Hextech was invented and why Yorick was missing in the Ruined King storyline. So, going forward, Riot is looking to avoid such inconsistencies in storytelling.

The head of IP Creative, Laura DeYoung, stated, “Going forward, from today, all new storytelling is going to be part of one shared canon. Rather than a jumble of experiences that are similar but inconsistent.”

They also mentioned that Riot Forge games, some of the Cenamatics, will be canon. Riot Meddler also confirmed that Arcane will now be canon as well.

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