Riot Changes Jungle Yet Again in LoL Patch 13.21

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot once again brings changes to the jungle to tone down jungle sustain during mid to late game in LoL patch 13.21.

Jungle’s role in League of Legends has always been ‘different’ from the rest of the lanes fundamentally. It’s hard to balance it while not making it seem like an entirely different gameplay. That’s why, after substantial adjustments in 13.20, Riot has to tie up the loose ends and make the jungle experience seem fun.

This time, the changes in patch 13.21 are to give jungle champions a more defined attrition, keeping in check with other roles. For example, Supports have attrition based on ward duration and numbers. As vision is a core part of a Support’s role, they are incentivized to recall in order to refill their wards. Similarly, other classes also have basic limitations placed upon them in line with their roles in the game.

However, jungle champions with their pets, smite, and buffs seem to sustain a bit too much now. You can notice this mostly during mid to late-game when they seem to get nearly permanent sustain in terms of HP and mana. Hopefully, these changes will make the junglers recall a bit more.

Now, let’s take a look at the specific changes and potential impact on the rift.

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Jungle Pet Changes in Patch 13.21

So, this change basically concerns the jungle Pokemons. More specifically, Riot has adjusted the pets’ damage, AD/AP ratio, and healing from them.

  • Pet damage decreased to 15.5 from 16
  • Bonus AD ratio back to 10% from 0
  • AP also reverted from 10% to12%
  • Healing from attacks changed from 70% of damage dealt to 13 – 46 (Level 1 to 12)
  • Large monsters heal capped at 90

The base damage reduction is only 0.5. So, it’s not a significant change. However, reverting the AD ratio back to 10% implies that junglers will have more fun clearing camps after they get some bonus AD. AP champions will also have their ratio reverted back. However, it is not as significant as the AD ratio change as the AP champions already have good enough clears.

Now, laners might be frustrated with Junglers getting buffed again. But the good news is that junglers are going to be less dominant as the game transitions to mid-game. Instead of healing a massive 70% of damage by pets, they are now going to get flat healing. Moreover, healing from large monsters now has a ceiling of 90.

Overall, this will tone down the jungle role’s overwhelming sustain while balancing it out by giving them more clearing power early on. We will observe these changes firsthand as Riot releases Patch 13.21 on November 25, 2023.

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