Riot Announces Gangplank Changes in Patch 12.13

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Changes to Gangplank are finally on the way as Riot confirms they are working to ship the changes in Patch 12.13.

Gangplank in League of Legends has a pretty unique kit. The barrel combos are what defines him. Players who mastered Gangplank can instantly win teamfights with clever barrel combos. But without that mechanic, he can be underwhelming. That’s why players in low elo tend to lose more games with him. On the other hand, Gangplank is one of the highest-picked top laners in pro play.

You can either play Gangplank as a crit-induced glass canon or a bruiser. With the crit build, you can one-shot enemies with a barrel. But if you miss your barrels, you are in deep trouble as you aren’t as tanky as top laners. With the bruiser build, you survive longer, but your damage is quite meh.

Riot has been talking about Gangplank changes for some time now. Finally, they have revealed that some changes are being worked on.

Gangplank Changes

RiotPhroxzon posted on Twitter about some upcoming changes regarding different champions. He said, “GP is intending to ship 12.13. We think we have a direction, but want to take some additional time to validate”.

Gangplank has been in this state for some time, and it seems like Riot didn’t know what changes they should bring to the champion. From the tweet, it’s hard to say anything about the changes to the Saltwater Scourge. But Riot finally has some idea about their direction regarding Gangplank, and the changes should be revealed soon.

Release Date

Phroxzon said that the Gangplank changes are intended to be live on Patch 12.13. But depending on the feedback from PBE, they might need some additional time. But if everything goes to plan, Gangplank changes should hit the rift on July 13, 2022, along with Star Guardian 2022 event.

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Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.