Riot Admits Their “Mistake” on Worlds 2022 Event, Giving Away Free XP

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot is trying to fix their mistake on the event XP calculation and thus is rolling out compensation.

League of Legends has had plenty of events over the years. New skin lines and events such as the Battle Bunny or the Sentinel event are regular occurrences nowadays. The event usually includes new skins to buy and free and paid rewards for loot, icons, etc.

Whenever Worlds comes around, an event follows with many missions, including giveaways for Worlds tokens, icons, etc. This time, Riot took a different pathway by introducing a battle pass while giving the same free rewards away. This is Riot’s approach to reward players for buying the pass for the event.

This event was part of the Spirit Blossom Missions and Worlds 2022 as a battle pass gained XP through missions regarding both releases. The pass gave rewards based on XP, which was gained through missions. However, Riot made a miscalculation and is thus going to give compensation for it. Here is what we know.

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Player Backlash and Riot’s Response

When the event first came out, there was not much noise until someone started doing the math behind the event. This led to some backlash from players, and Riot, in turn, responded.

Player Backlash

Based on this Reddit post, someone did the math behind token generation for the Worlds Pass. The conclusion for the analysis was that over a 70-game span with a 50% win rate, the Worlds 2022 pass gives fewer rewards than the previous passes. The post included numbers to explain the situation, and this has caused enough of a wildfire that Riot had to respond.

Riot’s Response

After the Reddit Post went viral, Riot Sakaar commented on that very post stating the mistake. The mistake was due to condensing tokens from Missions to the rewards track of the pass instead, according to Riot Sakaar.

Riot apologized for the mistake to remedy the situation and will update the Empyrean Missions in Patch 12.21 to include an additional 4400 Pass XP to compensate for the error. Riot Sakaar also iterated that they will ensure it does not happen again.

While it was great that Riot did fix the issue, it is still a reoccurring issue with passes to come with some problems. Hopefully, Riot will avoid this situation in the future.

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