Riot Adjusted Bounties in League of Legends Patch 14.2

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Bounty System is getting some interesting changes in Patch 14.2.

The bounty system has been a part of League of Legends for quite a while now. It’s an essential mechanic that allowed the losing team to come back into the game by obtaining bounties.

Up until recently the bounty only applied to kills. Whoever had the most kills would get a bounty on them based on the kills they got. But with Patch 11.23 Riot added Objective Bounties to the game. It not only allowed the losing team to come back by taking shutdown kills, but it also allowed them to collect bounties by taking objectives. So, taking Dragons, Towers, Barons and Rift Heralds would count towards Objective bounties.

It was a great addition to the game that significantly reduced snowballing and allowed the losing team to come back reliably. But this system also had some flaws. Due to its implementation, if a player on the losing team was ahead in CS or had a bunch of kills, it would give them a bounty. This has been a prevalent issue for a while but Riot is finally fixing it.

In Patch 14.2 Riot has adjusted the bounty system so that will further reduce individual bounties for those on the losing team.

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Bounty Adjustments

Here are all the Bounty changes coming with Patch 14.2,

  • Bounty Gold: 20-80% of a player’s bounty is reduced depending on team gold deficit ⇒ 30-90% of a player’s bounty is reduced depending on team gold deficit

Now, 30-90% of players bounty will be reduced instead of 20-80%. This means a flat 10% will be shaved off from relatively fed players of a losing team, at all stages of a game.

This is a really good change, especially for players who are looking to solo-carry losing games. For example, if you are trying to carry on a losing team, you will have a lot less bounty on your head. You can also take high-risk plays without the fear of giving a large bounty.

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