Riot Accidentally Revealed New Star Guardian Rell Skin

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Riot’s official Korean account accidentally leaked a glimpse of Star Guardian Rell in their patch 12.10 video.

Star Guardian is one of League of Legends’s most popular skin lines. Star Guardian skins were first released in 2016, featuring Janna, Jinx, Lulu, Lux, and Poppy. The popular skin line returned in 2017 with one of the most significant events in League of Legends history with new skins and a custom game mode only for the event. Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, and Syndra received Star Guardian skins that year.

Four more Star Guardian skins were released in 2019. But the event was disappointing compared to the 2017 one. This year, some leaks indicate that Star Guardian 2022 will be the biggest event of the year, and 10 champions will be featured.

Star Guardian Rell

Big Bad Bear (@BigBadBear_) previously leaked that Ekko will get a Star Guardian skin along with a Prestige edition. There were rumors of Kai’sa, Caitlyn, and Akali getting Star Guardian skins. You can read about the previous leaks in this article.

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But now, Riot’s official account accidentally shared a video for patch 12.10 that shows Star Guardian Rell along with Arcade Corki and Odyssey Sona. Though it’s not a long video, you can still see the skin, and it looks gorgeous.

YouTube video

Release Date

It’s hard to tell when the Star Guardian Event will launch. Patch 12.11 will have the new Pool Party skins and Bel’Veth. The Star Guardian event should be in patch 12.12 or 12.13 (June/July).

We will update you as soon as we have more information.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.