Respawn animator revealed how Bangalore’s tactical was inspired by a weapon from Titanfall 2

The initial mockup actually looked pretty cool

Moy Parra the principal animator at Respawn Entertainment recently explained how he came up with the design of Bangalore’s tactical ability and how it was connected to the whole Titanfall universe.

The original plan for Bangalore’s tactical was to give her some kind of launcher weapon to throw her smokes. Since Apex Legends was already in the Titanfall universe, the devs decided to use what they already had in that world. And as it turned out they had exactly what they were looking for, a softball weapon.

Needless to say, the initial design didn’t stick if we think about how the actual device turned out to be at the end. Nevertheless, the original mock-up looked really cool. Although this close look at that softball weapon really opened up a lot of future potential for similar kind of launcher weapons. But having these kinds of weapons can be a huge balancing nightmare.

Can rocket launcher be viable in Apex Legends?

A good example of this type of weapon in a BR can be seen from Apex’s biggest competitor Fortnite, and how disruptive a weapon like rocket launcher can be for the competitive health of the game. However, all the popular data miners have claimed in the past how Respawn was actively experimenting with similar kinds of weapons to make its debut in Apex Legends.

If Respawn can get the balancing aspect of the gun to be at their standard, they might introduce us to some new type of weapon in Apex. Until then it is really unlikely that we are going to see any throwable type of weapon in the Apex games.

Apex Legends season 5 has been a success for EA. Despite some hurdles at the beginning of the launch with all those hit registration issues, apparently, season 5 has had the best player retention for any season of Apex Legends. Respawn also claimed that they have more exciting things that are still in active development.


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