Remake in League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know

If one or more of your teammates disconnect at the start of a League of Legends game, you can save your precious LP using the remake feature.

In League of Legends, PvP game modes are a 5vs5 battle for the enemy ‘Nexus.’ Each team consisting of 5 players must work together to secure a win. But sometimes, you can have bad luck ending up with four or even fewer teammates at the start of a match, as disconnecting in League of Legends is not rare — especially in lower ranks.

To solve this issue, Riot needed to develop a system that was fair to everyone. If a player disconnects at the start of the game, the other players on the team can vote to remake the game at 3 minutes. This process saves them time, and LP and the opponent don’t lose much time.

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But if the game goes on for some time and someone disconnects, it is not fair for the other team to have the game remade. So if a player disconnects or ragequits after the remake threshold, their team can surrender at 10 minutes or 15 minutes and lose less LP.

There are times when the issues with the server are beyond the players’ control. For this scenario, Riot has created the loss prevention system as well.

What is Remake in League of Legends

The “Remake” is a feature added by Riot to help players save their time and LP when their teammates disconnect at the start of the game or don’t connect at all. It is like surrendering, but you don’t need to wait till 15 minutes. Players can call for a remake after 3 minutes, and remaking a game will result in a tie.

How to Remake

Certain conditions need to be met to call for a remake. And the requirements are:

  • If an ally is AFK or disconnects for at least 90 seconds before the 3 minutes mark.
  • A ‘first blood’ has not taken place against the disconnected player’s team before they disconnected.

If the above conditions are met, a chat prompt will appear to let players know that the remake option is available at 3:00 minutes. And the team will have 60 seconds to start a remake vote by typing ‘/remake’ in the chat.

In a 4v5, at least two players (30% of the team) have to vote yes for it to go through. In a 3v5, only one player needs to make the call.

Remake League of Legends
Image Source: Riot Games

What are the Penalties for Remake

Remaking does not have any penalties or rewards for the players who were connected. You will neither gain nor lose any LP/BE/XP for the match. Only the inactive players (and their premade teammates in diamond or higher) will be punished.

The punishments will be:

  • A loss on the record. If they were on a promo series, they will lose one game towards it.
  • LP loss
  • Their account will be flagged by leaverbuster in the same way it happens when players leaves a normal game.

When to Remake a League of Legends Game

Though it is sometimes possible to win 4v5 games and many players have won this kind of game, it is wise to remake it if one of your players is disconnected. If the remake option is available, there is no need to play an unfair game. Maybe you believe that you can outplay and carry the game, but why not just remake and get into a fair game. Remaking doesn’t cost you anything. So we suggest you save your and your teammates’ time and vote yes for the remake.

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