Ranked Changes Coming In LoL Patch 14.10

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot is adding some big Ranked Changes in LoL Patch 14.10.

We are approaching the Mid-Season update as Split 1 of Ranked 2024 is ending. League of Legends is going to get huge updates in Patch 14.10, along with Faerie Court skins and Victorious Kog’Maw.

Split 2 will start with Patch 14.10 and Riot is also adding a bunch of Ranked Changes. A new devblog lists it all out in details as Split 2 is going to look a lot different. Thus, here are all the changes.

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Ranked Changes

Essentially, Riot is making these major changes.

  • Player Ranked Placement will be able to place as high as Diamond III after Provisional Games.
  • Demotion Protection between Divisions will be removed. Players will fluidly transition between divisions.
  • Demoting from One Tier to Another will place players at 25/50/75 LP depending on the player’s MMR at the time of demotion compared to their rank.
  • Master Duo will be enabled at most regions (will stop again at Grandmaster).

Riot is going to make Placements higher so you can get to your actual rank better. Also, the promotion and demotion between tiers is being adjusted so you can go up and down fluidly. This means you carry over all your LP from one tier to another. So, if you had 10 LP and lose 25 LP, then you demote and start with 85 LP on the lower division.

Demoting between Tiers will have protections but when you get Demoted, you start at 25/50/75 depending on your actual skill level. This will be a balancing act and it will be interesting to see how the demotions work fully in practice.

Also, Riot is enabling Masters Duo for all regions except China and Korea, so that will be something the players have wanted. However, after you reach Grandmaster, the duo option will be disabled once again.

When Are The Ranked Changes Coming?

The Ranked Changes are coming in Patch 14.10 on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

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