Rainbow Six Siege’s new Extraction-inspired ‘Containment Event’ starts tomorrow

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is set to receive its main event for the North Star season, and Ubisoft has just confirmed its name: the “Containment” event.

Ubisoft has been hyping up this upcoming Siege event for the past few days, releasing short video teasers on social media. But now, the trailer for this Extraction-inspired event has been fully revealed, which you can see below:

The Chimera bacteria from Outbreak seems to have returned, and it has now settled itself at the French Consulate in Ivory Coast. Even though the release date of R6: Extraction has been pushed back until Jan. of next year, Ubisoft wants Siege players to celebrate the upcoming Rainbow Six title with this limited-time game mode.

Read the event details below: (source Ubisoft)

Event Guide


This just in! The Chimera bacteria has taken over the Consulate. What was once told to the public to be a gas leak turned out to be a dangerous organism jeopardizing our safety! The authorities set up a perimeter around the site in hopes of containing the threat and keeping citizens away.

REACT-affiliated Operators are already on-site to handle the outbreak, aiming to get the situation under control as fast as possible. Some of the Attackers dispatched for this mission:

IQ – Ace – Blackbeard – Amaru – Zero – And more…

The parasite is tricky, however, spawning the Proteans – monstrous versions of other well-known Operators! Those Defenders will stop at nothing to help the bacteria expand:

Aruni – Jäger – Kaid – Mira – Warden

Will you be the one to stop the dangerous Chimera… or will you allow it to spread?


In Containment, Attackers and Defenders battle it out around the bacteria’s nests. Attackers must destroy them; Defenders must protect them.

The Chimera’s primary nest, the main objective, is to remain in an invulnerable state until Attackers eliminate its two secondary nests. On the opposite side, the Proteans must defend the nests at all costs until time runs out. As with any event match, another solution for both sides is to completely obliterate the other team.

Defenders will be stripped of their weapons, leaving them with melee attacks. But don’t think they’ll be at a disadvantage! Not having the restrictions that come with being human, the Proteans are stronger and faster than their opponents. They all possess Oryx’s abilities to dash and climb up hatches, as well as Aruni’s punch! When all else fails they can rely on Barbed Wire as their secondary gadget to keep Attackers at bay.


Image: Ubisoft

Like the previous events, Ubisoft will be introducing a brand-new cosmetic collection through special packs called the ‘Containment Collection’. This collection includes 33 items, including the exclusive Sentient Growth signature weapon and attachment skin, and the Antiparasitic Serum charm.

Attackers will receive the clean-looking REACT cosmetic skins, while the defenders will get parasite-themed Protean items. You can purchase them for 1680 R6 Credits or through Alpha Packs priced at 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown.

Players will also be able to get the Nomad Hive Mind Set by winning 10 rounds on the last week of this special event (Aug 17th – 24th).

Siege’s CONTAINMENT event will kick off tomorrow and run for three weeks, ending on August 24th.

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