Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 to introduce Consulate Rework, Permanent Arcade Playlist and More

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has shared a new update to Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Roadmap, highlighting all the new changes that will be released with the upcoming Y8S2 patch.

According to official blog post, Rainbow Six Siege’s Y8S2 is set to introduce the new Permanent Arcade Playlist, Consulate rework, new Shooting Range features, and much more.

A glimpse of these changes, such as the Consulate rework, was shown during the Year 8 Roadmap reveal in Six Invitational 2023. The roadmap update also confirmed that the Frost rework will be delayed to Y8S3, as the devs want to hear community feedback from the Y8S2 LAB Test Server.

On the other hand, the release of the new secondary observation blocker gadget will be shifted a whole season early to Y8S2. Find all the updates to the roadmap below.

[R6S] Y8S1 Mid-Season Roadmap Update - Road Map Asset

R6S Year 8 Roadmap Update


  • Status: confirmed for Y8S2

Permanent Arcade is one of the most anticipated playlists, and we are happy to announce that thanks to all the hard work put into it, this feature will release in Season 2! You will soon be able to play several new game modes and enjoy the return of out-of-the-ordinary matches!


  • Status: confirmed for Y8S2

You saw some rooms of the new Consulate map during the Year 8 Reveal Panel, but we can now confirm that the new reworked map will be released in Season 2. As one of Siege’s oldest maps, this major rework is not to be taken lightly; it required a complete rebuild from the ground up.


  • Status: confirmed for Y8S2

As announced at the Six Invitational 2023, we are bringing even more training features to Siege this year than ever before. We are working on several new features and enhancements of the Shooting Range, and they are now confirmed to release with Season 2. Lock and load Operators, the updated Shooting Range will be one of the best ways to put your skills to the test!


  • New target delivery: Y8S3

We shifted the target delivery of the rework of Operator Frost following the Community’s feedback and comments after the Year 8 Reveal Panel at the Six Invitational. A first test of these balancing changes will be playable on the Y8S2 LAB TS in June. We want to make sure we do not hinder our dear Canadian Operator’s effectiveness in the field while we aim to bring more balance and gameplay opportunities with the update to her gadget.


  • Earlier target delivery: Y8S2 instead of Y8S3

As we have shifted the target delivery of the Operator Frost Rework, we are aiming to release the new observation blocker gadget a full season earlier than announced at the Six Invitational. This new Intel Denial gadget will soon be in your hands!


  • Target delivery: Y8S2 (Part I) and Y8S4 (Part II)

We are actively working on Operator Grim to improve his impact. In order for you to get your hands on this rework sooner, we have broken this update into two parts. The first update is set to be released in Season 2, and the next one in Season 4.

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