Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Designer’s Notes: Reload Cancellation, Zero Buff, and More

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Rainbow Six Siege is kicking off its eighth year next month, and Ubisoft is still introducing some interesting updates to the tactical FPS shooter.

Ubisoft has released the Y8S1 Designer’s Notes, which goes into detail about the upcoming changes coming with the Y8S1 patch.

Ubisoft has decided to bring some tactical realism back to Siege with the introduction of the new reload system. So now, during reloading, if the animation is interrupted after the magazine is removed the weapon will remain without a magazine until the animation is completed. This means without the magazine inserted, players will only have 1 bullet left in the chamber, until you complete the reload by inserting the magazine.

This change should help bring some fairness to taking multiple gunfights and blindly reloading without thinking about any consequences.

Other than this, Ubisoft has also decided to buff the effectiveness of the Compensator and Muzzle Brake attachments.

You can read all the changes in the Y8S1 Designer’s Notes below (source: Ubisoft).

R6S Y8S1 Designer’s Notes



rainbow six siege zero sam fisher third echelon elite skin
Image: Ubisoft


  • The camera won’t pierce the surface automatically.
  • The piercing action can only be initiated by Zero and only when controlling a deployed Argus Camera.
  • Once the camera has pierced a surface, any living attacker can swap sides.

We intend to improve two aspects of Zero’s gadget with this change.

First, we want to make it easier to place the initial camera in more locations. Since it won’t pierce automatically, you can place it wherever you want without worry it will be vulnerable from the other side of the wall. This should increase the stealth fantasy of being able to setup your camera network undetected to utilize it when your squad is in position.

Second, we’re increasing the window of opportunity after piercing through a surface. With the manual interaction, you will decide when to pierce walls, meaning you will already be on the camera when this action happens. It will help you to gather intel or deal with some utility before it gets destroyed by defenders, something that could happen before you had access to your camera prior to this change.




  • If you interrupt the reload animation after the magazine is removed the weapon will remain without a magazine until the animation is completed.
  • The ammunition is available once the magazine is attached to the weapon.
  • If the weapon uses a closed bolt system, a bullet will remain in the chamber, if a reload of a partially spent magazine is interrupted. You can shoot this bullet at any time.

Right now, reloading a weapon does not carry the same weight as other actions in the game as you can cancel it at any moment without consequence. Additionally, it can be frustrating when you hear someone reloading, start to push because you think they will be vulnerable, but they aren’t.

We want to encourage thought before taking an action because you can end up in a situation where there is no place to reload your weapon safely. You’ll have to be careful when taking on several engagements in a row. We also want to discourage random pre-firing; we’ve already made changes in this direction by reducing the maximum number of magazines on every weapon. So now, wasting bullets without a reason can put you in a disadvantageous position if the enemy waits until you reload to attack.

Additionally, this will make secondary weapons more impactful, as they will be your backup plan if you need to defend yourself while reloading. Going with the secondary shotgun or the Gonne-6 may now require more thought regarding the best loadout vs. survivability.

Our goal with this change is to increase the tactical aspect of the game, encouraging players to be aware of their resources and stick closer to teammates, so they can cover each other.



  • Compensator effectiveness increased.
  • Horizontal recoil: Reduction of 35% (from 15%).

We normalized the compensator’s distribution to give players tools to customize weapon recoil, but the Compensator is not strong enough to compete with the latest changes to the other muzzle attachments. We hope that this change will make it an option again.



  • Muzzle Brake effectiveness increased.
  • First shot kick: Reduction of 50% (from 45%).

The Muzzle Brake is in the same situation as the Compensator, but is more balanced on DMRs, so we will increase the bonus slightly.




  • Deceleration power: Increased to 14 (from 5.9). You will stop sooner when releasing the input.

We are making the Shock Drone respond better to player input. This will be represented with less sliding when stopping. The overall responsiveness of the drone will feel snappier and give the player more precise control over their gadget.

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