Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Designer’s Notes: Crouch-walk sound increase, Glaz buff, and more

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Rainbow Six Siege is going strong in Year 7. Ubisoft recently unveiled Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare, which is set to introduce a new operator, TDM map, shooting range, and more quality-of-life updates.

The Y7S2 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes have now been released, and Siege fans might be disappointed with the absence of one anticipated change.

In the current meta of Rainbow Six Siege, LMGs are seemingly too strong, and most players would agree with it. The LMG nerf was not introduced in Y7S1 and it looks like it won’t also come in the second season, as the devs plan to adjust their tuning a bit further before releasing the change.

Finka, with her strong healing gadget and the LMG, is one of the best Attacker in the game right now, and the presence chart exactly shows this dominance.

“In order to make sure these changes don’t cause a ripple effect to the overall balance ecosystem, though, this has taken some additional time. We can comfortably announce that adjustments will be coming to both LMGs and Finka in Y7S3,” the devs stated.

Looking into the positives, Y7S2 is set to bring one of the best quality-of-life updates, regarding screen shake. With Operation Vector Glare, a new accessibility setting will be added to allow players to reduce or completely remove screen shake during their gameplay.

Read the full Y7S2 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes below: (via Ubisoft)



  • Players can now turn off or reduce the intensity of screen shake feedback during gameplay from the Accessibility section of the Options menu.

Back in Y6S3, we deployed a change which reduced the intensity of screen shakes from explosions, removing it altogether in the case of certain gadgets. At the same time, we mentioned we were looking into options for players who encountered motion sickness as a result of these screen shakes. While we know screen shakes can be an important part of immersion for some players, we don’t want that to come at the expense of others’ comfort or ability to play the game.

This is why we have added an option to the Accessibility menu to adjust the intensity of screen shakes or turn them off entirely. Now, players can choose the option that best fits their preferred experience with Siege. Default will offer the same screen shake intensity you’ve come to expect over the last couple seasons, while Medium will offer a further-reduced option that should help provide a more comfortable experience to those who are prone to motion sickness. Of course, there will also be the option to turn off screen shake altogether.

We hope that by opening up these options, players will be able to better shape the comfort and immersion of their Siege experience.


  • Increased the volume of footsteps while crouch walking.

Population targeted by this change: All.

We know those early-round frags where an Operator manages to sneak behind your squad’s lines while crouch walking can be frustrating. Over the last couple months, we actively investigated the sound mix of crouch walking and found that the balance of sound to movement speed needed some tuning. Compared to alt walking, crouch walking offered an alternative that was both quiet and quick, so with Y7S2, we’ve tweaked the audio mix to increase the volume of these footsteps slightly.

Given how how fast you can still move while crouch walking, we wanted to better align the sound of this movement with comparable forms of walking. Watch the below video to hear this change in action:



  • Added 3rd secondary weapon option
    • Amaru – ITA12S
    • Clash – P-10C
    • Dokkaebi – C75-AUTO
    • Finka – GSH-18
    • Glaz – Bearing-9
    • Gridlock – SDP 9mm
    • Kali – P22 Mk5
    • Lion – P9
    • Tachanka – Bearing-9

Population targeted by this change: Casual.

This season will see quite a few of our Operators expanding their loadouts to include a third secondary weapon option. In many cases, this will mark the return of secondary weapons that were previously replaced from Operators’ loadouts to make room for other gear like the Gonne-6.

In particular, by adding submachine guns to some of our longer-range Operators (Dokkaebi, Glaz, Tachanka), we wanted to help give them a bit more confidence in short-range skirmishes. Being committed to range is all well and good, but having the option of add some variety to their kit should help to open up new strategic angles in the long run.

Similarly, we wanted to ensure Clash and Kali had more options available to them to accommodate players who are not particularly comfortable with SMGs (or shotguns as well, in Clash’s case). The addition of a semi-auto pistol should help round out their kits.


  • Changed to 1-Armor, 3-Speed (from 2-Armor, 2-Speed).

Population targeted by this change: Casual.

Adding on his new weapon slot, Glaz is also getting a new set of stats this season. To go along with the addition of a submachine gun, we’ve increased his mobility. While he will always be a niche entry pick thanks to a focus around his unique DMR, we wanted to give casual players more options to experiment with closer-range play as they adapt to his range and sightlines.

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