Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Vector Glare: New operator, map, shooting range, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Rainbow Six Siege‘s Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare has been fully revealed, and it is bringing some exciting new changes to the game.

The season kicks off with the brand-new operator, Sens, who is a 3-health 1-speed Attacker with a rollable gadget that projects up a wall to block lines of sight. This green wall acts as an attacker smoke grenade, as you can shoot and walk through it, without taking any damage. Sens’s gadget will also provide a significant buff to both Glaz and Warden, as they can directly see through this projected wall, using their gadget.

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Alongside this new operator, Ubisoft is introducing the new TDM-specific map, the much-anticipated shooting range, which will allow players to try out different guns and attachments in one environment, and more gameplay updates to improve the Siege experience.

Find out all the new Y7S2 changes below (via Reddit)

New Attacker: Sens

  • Low speed, high health Operator from Belgium
  • Gadget: R.O.U. Projector System
    • Rollable gadget that projects an opaque light screen
    • Can be shot or walked through
    • 11m rolling range, 13s duration
    • Counters:
      • Individual projectors can be destroyed by explosives
      • Intercepted by Jäger’s ADS & Wamai’s Mag-Net
      • Disrupted by Mute’s jammers (no light screen in jamming radius) and EMPs from Bulletproof Cameras
      • Destroyed by Aruni’s gates (though it can be rolled underneath)
      • See-through for Warden, Glaz, and thermal vision from Maestro’s Evil Eyes and Bulletproof Cameras
  • Primary weapons: New POF-9 assault rifle, 417 DMR
  • Secondary weapons: SDP 9mm, Gonne-6
  • Secondary gadgets: Hardbreach Charge, Claymores

New Map: Close Quarter

  • Team Deathmatch-only map set in the Rainbow Training Facility in Greece
  • Made for fast-paced gameplay

Gameplay Updates, New Features & Other Changes

Shooting Range

  • Consists of two lanes:
    • Lane #1: Testing of recoil patterns
      • Shooting target that will highlight where you hit
      • Recoil patterns will show in different colors for different weapons or attachment combinations, providing the ability to directly compare how a weapon performs
    • Lane #2: Testing of damage output
      • Dummy as a target
      • Will display damage numbers when hit, including multiplier for limbs
  • You can easily switch Operators or attachments without having to exit
  • Distance of targets adjustable on both lanes
  • More lanes planned


  • Operators can now have three secondary weapons
  • New setting to adjust screen shake intensity, including the ability to turn off screen shake completely

Player Behavior

  • First stage of the Reputation System will roll out mid-season
    • At first, it will include early reverse friendly-fire sanction for repeat offenders
  • Privacy Mode will roll out to everyone during the season
  • New match cancellation vote for Ranked and Unranked


  • Ability to request tactial timeout in a custom match
  • Removal of 3-months Operator quarantine at the professional level, new Operators can now be used as soon as they’re available

Squad Up Program

  • Invite up to 4 friends that have been inactive during Year 7
  • Play together for at least five matches
  • Get a Squad Up Leader pack as reward
    • Pack #1: Year 6 Operator that you don’t currently own (or, as a fallback, older Operators or Battle Pass points)
    • Pack #2: Operator
    • Pack #3: Exotic R4-C weapon skin
    • Pack #4: Operator

Year 7 Roadmap Update

  • Y7S3 map delayed to Y7S4

Operator Guides

  • Short video tutorials for each Operator, viewable in the menu and during a game
  • Short video tutorials for basic actions like barricading or droning

New cosmetics

  • Yakuza-themed skins for Hibana & Echo, available Tuesday, May 24th
  • New Echo Elite Set soon™

Operation Vector Glare will be available tomorrow on the PC Test Server, and will release on all platforms on June 7th.

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