Rainbow Six Siege Sens Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadget, Tips, and more

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has grown massively over the years. The game will recently step onto Year 7 Season 2 with the Operation Vector Glare update, which will bring a new operator named ‘Sens’.

Sens: the 1-speed, the 3-health operator is the 32nd Attacker to join Team Rainbow. Sens is the first confirmed Non-binary operator in the franchise, and the third in LGBTQ representation, after Flores and Osa. Sens’s gadget is a unique wall that can block vision like a smoke grenade, so they will be very useful for providing cover.

Sens will be released with Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare on June 14th; however, only players with the seasonal battle pass will have early access to use this new operator. But after the two-week exclusive access period is over, you can buy Sens with 25,000 renown or 600 R6 credits. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with this exciting new operator.

Sens Operator Guide


“Brute force only gets you so far. Victory is determined in the mind of a strategist.”

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Best Weapon Loadout

  • Primary Weapon: POF-9 (Assault Rifle), 417 (DMR)
  • Secondary Weapon: SDP 9mm (Pistol), Gonne-6
  • Secondary Gadgets: Hardbreach Charge / Claymore
  • Unique ability: R.O.U. PROJECTOR SYSTEM

Sens will be bringing the new Assault Rifle POF-9 to the battlefield. The new AR has a large magazine capacity, so with the 51 bullets, you won’t need to reload very often. The fire rate of the AR is also very good, but not as deadly as other attacker guns in Siege. With moderate recoil and damage stats, the POF-9 is our recommended pick for Sens’ loadout, but it is still not the most beginner-friendly weapon.

If your gameplay roams around holding long angles, then the 417 DMR with the extended 2.5x scope will be the better choice. The 417 DMR, also available for Twitch and Lion, is one of the best DMRs in the game. With Sens being a 1-speed support operator, the DMR is a viable option and can be deadly in post-plant situations.

As their secondary weapon, Sens has the option to bring the SDP 9mm pistol or the Gonne-6. We will recommend you pick the Gonne-6 along with the POF-9 AR. The Gonne-6 will give Sens an additional utility to destroy defender gadgets and make them more flexible, and the big magazine size means you won’t need the secondary pistol as often.

Secondary Gadget

For their secondary gadget, Sens can pick Hardbreach Charge or Claymores. The choice here depends on your game plan and your attacking lineup. For most cases, the Hardbreach Charge will be handier, as it will enable Sens to act as a backup hard breacher, and make them a more versatile pick.

Unique Ability

Image: Ubisoft

Sens brings the unique R.O.U. PROJECTOR SYSTEM into Siege’s tough battlefield. This R.O.U device is a wheel-like rollable gadget that projects up a wall to block lines of sight and Sens has 3 of them in their arsenal. Sens’ green wall acts as an attacker smoke grenade, as you can shoot and walk through it, but cannot see through it unless you are Glaz or Warden. Yes, both Glaz and Warden are getting a significant buff with the introduction of Sens, as both can use their respective gadgets to see through Sens’ green wall.

This gadget has an 11m rolling range and will bounce off walls to create zig-zag walls and these walls will last for 13 seconds. The opaque wall works really well in providing cover for the Attackers while planting the defuser or even protecting from a flank.

How to counter Sens?

However, there are some certain counters to this new gadget. First of all, Warden is the biggest counter to Sens, as by activating his special glasses, Warden can see through the wall and shoot the Attackers. Maestro’s Evil Eyes and defender bulletproof cameras can also be used to see through it.

Defenders can also destroy the wall or part of the wall using explosive gadgets like an impact or C4, and this is a useful trick to deny the Attackers from planting in cover. Jager and Aruni can also destroy the wheel, while Mute cannot block the wheel it can disable a portion of the wall that is within its jamming radius.

Should you pick Sens?

Sens is a versatile support operator, which you can make use of in multiple different ways. When playing this operator, you need to be aware of the map and communicate with your team properly to get the best use of the sight-blocking wall. So if you are solo-queuing, and you are teammates are not communicating well, then Sens might not be as effective as they can be.

Tips and Tricks:

(i) You can deploy Sens’ gadget through a drone hole.

(ii) The most obvious advice would to be pair Sens with Glaz, as Glaz can see through the green wall.

(iii) Learn the common plant spots on the maps, so you can use the gadget to block the necessary lines of sight.

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