Rainbow Six Siege releases hotfix for missing ‘Kill Marker’ in Pro League HUD

Ubisoft is releasing a small hotfix today to address the “Kill marker” not appearing in Rainbow Six Siege’s custom matches with Pro League settings.

The missing ‘Kill marker’ or red cross bug was introduced with the latest Y6S1.3 Patch. While some players thought it was an intentional change, Rainbow Six Siege Dev Emilien Lomet quickly addressed this as a bug and reported that they were working on a fix.

And now, it seems like the issue has been mitigated as Ubisoft is deploying a hotfix today, May 6th, for PC players only. The update was scheduled to drop at 1 PM UTC, and the size is approximately 100 MB for Steam users.

Although the issue wasn’t affecting a large percentage of Siege players, the glitch was still causing a lot of confusion for professional and competitive players. For example, when playing in custom matches with the Pro League HUD settings, players were finding it quite difficult to perceive if they got a kill, as there was no kill confirmation icon on the middle of the screen. Instead, players had to unnaturally look at the top right side of the screen to check if they actually got the kill.

Fortunately, the bug was fixed quickly, as the biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournament is on the horizon. So now the pro players can grind the game as before as they prepare their team to lift the Invitational Hammer at Palais Brongniart, a historic venue at the very heart of Paris.

The Six Invitational 2021 begins on May 11th; check our event guide for more information.

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