Rainbow Six Siege introduces new ‘Shinosaaaaaaang’ Y7S1 Community Artist Bundle for Echo

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

The new Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Community Artist Bundle has been revealed by Ubisoft, and this time it will feature an Echo bundle designed by Shinosaaaaaaang.

Ubisoft launched the Community Artist Bundle program at the start of Year 6, and through this program cosmetics items made by artists in the Rainbow Six Siege community were represented in-game.

Last year, Ubisoft partnered up with SAU_SIEGE, Sunstark, FrAgMenT, and Pericote to release one bundle each season. And for the first season of Year 7, Ubisoft is introducing a Japanese-themed bundle for the operator Echo, designed by Shinosaaaaaaang.

Shinosaaaaaaang – Artist

Shinosaaaaaaang, also known as Shino, collaborated with Ubisoft back in 2018 and 2019, and is now back with a brand-new design for Echo!

Shino, an artist from Japan, has been drawing original art and fan art for almost 40 years, with her work ranging from Rainbow Six Siege to Demon Slayer. Her artworks depict many different themes and worlds, as she bases her creations on present and past inspirations. To quote Shino herself: “My art style is addictive like a sweet trap; once you are hooked, there’s no going back”.

Where does her inspiration for this bundle comes from? To echo the Yokai Drone gadget, Shino has based her design on a traditional Japanese Yokai. She drew inspiration from the Karasu Tengu, depicting the black feathers of the crow-like Yokai.

Don’t forget to follow shinosaaaaaaang on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with her content and discover her world further.

R6S Y7S1 CommunityArtistBundle Prime
Image: Ubisoft/Shinosaaaaaaang

Shinosaaaaaaang’s Echo Operator Bundle includes:

  • Uniform
  • Headgear
  • MP5SD weapon skin
  • Charm


The shinosaaaaaaang Operator Bundle will be available via Prime Gaming for a limited time, starting from Wednesday, March 23rd.

Prime Gaming members will be able to claim this exclusive set for free. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up for a free trial.

A Renown Booster is currently available from Prime Gaming until March 23th, so don’t forget to claim this too!

Here’s how you can get these Prime Gaming offers:

  • Link your Ubisoft and Amazon accounts here.
  • Redeem the respective offer through Prime Gaming here.
  • Receive the content automatically in-game within 48 hours.

The Community Artist Bundle Program is expected to continue throughout Year 7.

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