Rainbow Six Siege introduces new ‘Rick and Morty 2.0’ Cosmetic Bundles

Ubisoft has revealed that Rainbow Six Siege is getting its second Rick and Morty crossover cosmetic bundle.

Rainbow Six Siege has had a number of crossover skins introduced in the game over the years. And today, Ubisoft is adding a brand-new Rick and Morty cosmetic bundle for Ace and Thermite. Check out the reveal trailer below:

This is the second time Rainbow Six Siege is collaborating with this animated series, as last time we got the two bundles that featured the unique Gromflomite and Pickle Rick cosmetics.

But for this iteration, players will be getting a chance to dress up Ace as Mr. Meeseeks. While the other hard-breaching operator Thermite is cosplaying Krombopulous Michael, an assassin, who we see buying guns from Rick in an episode of season 2.

The Ace Mr. Meeseeks e Rick bundle contains:

  • Meeseeks Onesie Uniform and Headgear
  • Purpose Giver (Epic) AK-12 weapon skin.
  • Mr. Meeseeks (Epic) Box Charms

The Thermite Krombopulous bundle contains:

  • Krombopulous Michael Uniform and Headgear
  • Anti-Matter Blaster (Epic) 5.7 USG weapon skin.
  • Love Locket (Epic) Box Charms

The Purplish pink Anit-Matter Blaster is the weapon that Krombopulous Michael was seen purchasing from Rick in the episode.

Each bundle will cost players 2,160 R6 credits. And both the bundles will be available from today, Jan 20th. The two new sets are also bundled together in the ‘Rick and Morty 2.0 Bundle’, which is available for 4080 R6 Credits. So make sure you have enough credits to buy them.

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