Rainbow Six Siege Iana Elite Skin inspired by Nier:Automata is here

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has finally released the first elite skin for Rainbow Six Siege‘s Iana, and the fans are really excited about it.

Rainbow Six Siege has once again collaborated with Square Enix to bring the Iana YoRHa NieR:Automata elite skin. Watch the reveal trailer below.

YouTube video

Leaked a few weeks ago, the elite Iana skin was one of the most anticipated cosmetic items in Siege. While many might think the new skin features 2B from Nier: Automata, it actually is not as confirmed by Neir icon Yoko Taro. “I had a costume collaboration with Rainbow Six. I think you can play G2 instead of 2B,” he writes.

So why not 2G similar to 2B? Yoko Taro replied, “YoRHa’s Gunner type exists only in the prototype model, and the prototype model is named in the same order as A2, in the order of “type name and number”, so if No. 2 has a Gunner type, the model number will be G2.”

Earlier this week, Ubisoft also announced the Maverick replicant bundle, where Maverick was cosplaying Brother Nier. And now the second part of the Nier crossover is here.

The Elite Iana YoRHa and Maverick Replicant bundles are available now in the Rainbow Six Siege in-game store, and they can be purchased with 2160 R6 Credits each. NieR Automata fans will surely be delighted with this crossover, and additionally, the game is also getting an anime adaption soon.

Ubisoft also announced Rainbow Six Siege’s Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid, which introduced the new operator Solis and a big list of changes. Find more about the new season here.

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