Rainbow Six Siege Doktor’s Curse event returns for Halloween 2021

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

After teasing the Rainbow Six Siege community, Ubisoft has officially announced that Doktor’s Curse event is coming back tomorrow.

This Halloween, the ‘Doktor is out‘ of his castle and more creatures have come out to play. These monsters have brought new friends, but not to worry, as the Exterminators have also returned with monstrous pals of their own to end the terror.

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For 2021, Ubisoft has decided to release the Halloween event much earlier than in previous years. The limited-time event is returning tomorrow, October 12th, and will last three weeks until November 2nd.

The Hide and Seek game mode features the same game mechanics as it first launched back in 2019. Read below for the full details: (via Ubisoft)


Doktor’s Curse is a special Hide and Seek game mode, where Defenders must try to survive until the end of the round, unless they can manage to eliminate the powerful Attackers first.

Both teams are equipped with special loadouts for this occasion, but none of them have access to guns.

Each Exterminator carries a Breaching Hammer that they must use to squash the Monsters, and they have access to one of three gadgets to hunt them down: Jackal with his Eyenox Model III, Lion with his EE-ONE-D, Sledge using Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor.

Each Defender has their usual trap gadget with some modified values and a special secondary ability called Nightstride which allows them to turn invisible for a short period of time while speeding them up, but they do not have access to melee attacks.


On the Defenders’ side, mutated Operators use their traps to hinder and harm their prey, and they roam the halls of the Castle as Monsters under new management.

Aruni will eat anything that moves as a carnivorous plant. Melusi has come to haunt you as a howling ghost. Smoke crawls back in from the sewers as a hybrid creature. Kapkan reclaims the dark his domain as a reaper. Frost is looking for another human snack as a demon. Lesion is hungrier for some brains as a zombie. Ela still wants your skin as a patchwork revenant.

On the Attackers’ side, the Exterminators have teamed up with survivors of the Castle’s horrors and brought in their trusty gadgets, along with their own custom version of Sledge’s hammer.

Lion is a head in a jar, but he can still swing a big weapon. Jackal is a lagoon beast that’s done hiding from his tormentors. Sledge is always the monster hunter – it’s in his blood.


doktor's curse event pack 2021
Image: Ubisoft

This event comes with the updated Doktor’s Curse Collection, which contains the uniforms and headgears of the Doktor’s Curse event Monsters as well as their matching weapon skins and charms. The Collection adds up to a total of 48 event-exclusive items.

Jackal, Lion, Aruni and Melusi join the creatures you saw last time (Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion and Ela) and Kaid makes a special appearance as a bloodthirsty vampire, along with the new Wicked Surgery Bundle. Doktor’s Curse Collection packs can be purchased for 300 R6 credits or 12500 Renown each in the Packs section of the Home screen.

All Collection items, as well as some items from last time, are available for purchase as individual bundles for 1680 R6 Credits each.

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