Rainbow Six Siege to get a ‘revamped’ Doktor’s Curse event for Halloween

Ubisoft has released a new teaser for the upcoming Halloween event of Rainbow Six Siege, and it seems like the famous Doktor’s Curse event is being revived.

The spooky live-action teaser, shot in the style of an ’80s horror movie, has got the entire Siege community excited. The creepy caption of the video makes it even better, check it out down below.

The limited-time Doktor’s Curse event was released back in 2019 and it took place in the redesigned version of Theme Park. The gamemode saw Doc turning into a mad scientist, as he started performing disturbing experiments on his fellow Rainbow operators. Because of these experiments, Monsters were created, who started roaming around the Castle. This led to the Hide and Seek gamemode, where Hunters (Attackers) had to get rid of these Monsters (Defenders) within a 2-minute time limit.

The unique twist of the Doktor Curse event was that neither team had access to normal weapons. Monsters had special powerups and their primary gadgets only to survive the round, whereas the Hunters had to eliminate them using a modified Sledge Hammer.

As of yet, we don’t know how many elements will return from the previous Doktor’s Curse event. The teaser video seems to show a VHS tape of the old Doktor’s Curse event automatically falling from the shelf. And after playing the tape, a message shows on the screen, stating “THE DOKTOR IS OUT“, which is followed by a dialogue “this isn’t the version I remember“.

Usually, Siege’s Halloween event starts a few days before October 31 and runs for two weeks. Last year’s TDM-style Sugar Fright event began on October 27, so there’s still time left for more teasers. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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