Rainbow Six Siege releases new 3D ‘Reliquiae’ Weapon Cosmetic Bundle

Ubisoft has released a new weapon cosmetic bundle for Rainbow Six Siege, featuring a 3D weapon skin.

This new weapon skin is available for the MPX SMG only; however, this is one of the very first 3D skins that is included in a bundle, which can be bought individually with R6 Credits.

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The ‘Reliquiae‘ Weapon Bundle contains:

  • Bear Bones weapon and attachment skin on the MPX
  • Nature’s Carcass charm for a wild look that will incite fear in your opponents

3D weapons in Rainbow Six Siege are very rare, and usually, they are included as a reward in the seasonal Battle Pass or Alpha Packs. So making this bundle available to be directly purchased from the in-game shop has got the Siege players excited.

Image: Ubisoft

The Reliquiae bundle will cost players 1680 R6 Credits, but unfortunately, there is no option to buy it with renown.

Apart from this, the Y6S3 FrAgMenT community artist Hibana bundle can still be redeemed through prime gaming for free. So make sure to get it before October 21st, as after that the bundle will be gone for good. Check out how to redeem it here.

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