Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover Event: Zofia joins React, New Tech, Rewards, and more

Rainbow Six Extraction is getting its first post-launch limited-time Crisis Event called “Spillover”.

This new Crisis event will put your Extraction squad into alien Sprawl colonies, and you will have to clean out the Sprawl area with dissolution agent canister, while fighting off against hordes of Archæans.

In Spillover, your team will have 25 minutes to complete a total of nine objectives. Squads will have to take the Dissolution Agent canisters from the extraction zone, and after activating it, you will have to defend the canisters for 90 seconds while enemies try to destroy it.

Zofia joins REACT

The Spillover event is also brining a new operator- Zofia- from the Rainbow Six Siege universe to the Extraction roster. Zofia will be brining her Lifeline launcher that can shoot both impact and concussion grenades. The Polish operator will have access to her powerful LMG-E, with a magazine capacity of 150, you can keep shredding Archæans for a long time before needing to reload.


Unlock the exclusive new REACT Tech, the Auto-Turret, a deployable turret that automatically targets Archæans, and protects you from every angle. So continue the grind to unlock this secondary gadget.

The Spillover event is also introducing several new rewards including exclusive Operator uniforms, weapon skins, and more.

Teams can complete all 9 objectives to receive the most XP; however, you will have the chance to extract earlier and bank your XP. Ranks for Maelstorm Protocol will also reset with the launch of Spillover event, so you can start the grind once again.

The Spillover event is now available in Rainbow Six Extraction, and more Crisis events will be introduced in future.

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