Rainbow Six Extraction: How You Can Heal Operators

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Here is how you can heal your operators.

During an Incursion, fans may see that the Icon of the Operator is showing that the Operator is now inactive. This could happen if the HP of the Operator has fallen below a certain point. So you need to heal the character and jump back on the mission at this point of the game. In case you are someone who is confused about how to do that. Below we have made a complete guide on how to heal your Operators.

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How you can Heal an Operator

HP is divided into two sections in Rainbow Six Extraction. One of them is Base Health, and the other is temporary Health or Boost Health. The White section represents the Base Health, and the Blue sections describe the Health Boost. When the base health bar decreases, it can be an issue when you play the next incursion.

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If you finish one mission at 80 Base Health, that Operator will have to start at base health of 80 on the next mission. Fans won’t be able to regenerate their Health without making them rest and out of the task for a while. So you will have to continue with another Operator and let the injured one take their time to heal up.

You will find different sorts of resources to boost up their Health. However, even though you cannot increase your Base Health in Extraction, you can boost your Temporary Health during a mission. You can Boost Health up to 200 health points.

However, this Health decays over time and slowly becomes 0 as the mission goes on. So going on a mission with the Base Health of an Operator being low can be a disadvantage. You should either continue on the mission by attaining Temporary Health or let them rest.

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