Rainbow Six Extraction: All Operators and their abilities explained

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest tactical co-op shooter set in the Rainbow Six universe.

The game will place players in the shoes of well-known Rainbow Six Siege operators with up to three friends, facing off against a mysterious alien menace known as Archæans that threatens life on Earth.

Your squad can choose from a roster of 18 Rainbow Six Operators, each with their unique set of gadgets, weapons, and abilities. For each mission, a team of 3 members will select operators from the pool and start the battle in Extraction’s map, with increasing difficulty the further you go in the map. In the containment zone, if you fail to extract with your operator then you will have to initiate a rescue mission with another operator and bring the Missing in Action (MIA) operator into safety.

While Rainbow Six Siege players will be quite familiar with the 18 unique operators from the Siege universe, newer players might not know a whole about them. Furthermore, there are some key differences from Siege such as operators from the same organization sharing weapon options. This means Ela will have access to Zofia’s LMG-E.

Here are all the operators that you can pick in R6: Extraction at launch. (Some operators will unlock the further you progress in the game)


Doc was the first healer operator introduced in Siege. His STIM pistol provides instantaneous healing of 20 HP to himself and his teammates. Additionally, he can also revive himself or others from a DBNO state.


Doc’s GIGN partner ‘Rook’ provides extra armor to the whole squad. Rook can drop his armor plates, and equipping them will increase the damage resistance. Also as a bonus, instead of directly knocked out, you will be instead put in a DBNO state first.


The SAS area-denial operator ‘Smoke’ is equipped with a deadly throwable canister. Smoke can detonate this canister to release lethal yellow-colored fumes that deal damage to any enemy within its radius.


Sledge, another SAS operator, whose special gadget is a hammer called ‘Caber.’ Using this hammer, Sledge can easily destroy soft surfaces to create rotations and pathways and even stun enemies.


The German operator IQ can provide valuable intel to your team using her Red MKIII “Spectre” Electronics Detector. This wrist-mounted device allows her to detect REACT equipment and supplies throughout the map.


Jager has a close place inside almost every Siege player’s heart. This popular operator is bringing his Active Defense System (ADS) device to Extraction. The ADS gadget is known to catch incoming projectiles, but unlike Siege, here the gadget can also destroy enemies with its lasers.

Image: Ubisoft


Lord Tachanka is also coming to Extraction with all his mighty. The Russian operator will be bringing his legendary DP-28 mounted LMG that has the ability to shred the incoming alien threat. In Siege, Ubisoft reworked Tachanka by making his deployable turret into a more mobile weapon and gave him a fire launcher to deny an area for a while. Tachanka fans would surely be delighted to see the return of the beloved turret in Extraction.


The Spetnaz operator Fuze is known for his bombing ability. His main gadget called Cluster Charges can be deployed on walls, and detonating them will release exploding grenades on the other side of the wall, obliterating all enemies within its range.


The FBI operator Pulse is bringing his modified Cardiac Sensor called ‘HB-7’ to Extraction. Pulse can use his main gadget to scan nearby Nests, MIA operators, and more through walls and floors.


Hibana is a hard-breaching operator in Siege. She can use her X-Kairo Launcher to deploy small pellets that can stick to any surface and then destroy it. The gadget can also be used to penetrate armored Archaeans like the Smasher and Lurker.


The Polish operator Ela brings her GRZMOT mines into the battlefield. These proximity mines concuss nearby enemies, particularly effective at incapacitating Archæans, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


Finka’s background in Microbiology pushed her to the top of the REACT recruit list. Her main gadget, Adrenal Surge, can boost the entire squad with just one push of a button. The Surge gives Finka and her teammates a health boost, reduced recoil, increases ADS time, and can even revive teammates from a DBNO state. This makes her a very valuable asset in any squad.


Lion has an aerial drone called ‘EE-ONE-D’. Using this main gadget, Lion can scan the Archæan Enemies even through walls. The whole team can then see an outline of these enemies for a few seconds, making it easier to kill them.


Vigil is also bringing a modified version of his gadget from Siege called ERC-8 Disruptor. This special ability allows Vigil to stealthily move around the enemy and perform takedowns without them noticing. However, the gadget can be used for a short amount of time, and there is also a cooldown timer. Upgrading the operator will unlock cloaking abilities even for your teammates inside a small radius.


Alibi main gadget called Prisma is a holographic device that can be deployed around the map. These Prisma decoys can lure enemies within a certain radius and keep them away from you. If any enemies attack the holograms, they will be marked with an outline, revealing their location.

Image: Ubisoft


Capitão is bringing his special TAC MKO Crossbow gadget from Siege. Players can use this crossbow to either shoot a smokescreen bolt or a venomous bolt. The smoke works great to provide cover while you are in the open, and the venom bolt can take down enemies within a small area of where it is shot.


The Australian operator Gridlock has the main gadget called Trax Stingers. This is a throwable trap device that slowly deploys more traps, covering a larger area over time. Enemies on the Trax Stingers will get stunned and slowed down, allowing your team more breathing space to take down tougher Archæans.


Nomad has an Airjab Launcher as her special gadget. The Airjab are proximity repulsion mines that can knock back enemies and help you clear any areas of hazard. You can also use her to avoid flanks like in Siege and place the Airjabs in preparation for the incoming threat.

As you play the game, you will earn XP and will be able to upgrade the operator abilities. For example, upgraded Tachanka will be able to place two deployable turrets. More operators from Siege might join R6 Extraction post-launch, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

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