Rainbow Six Containment Collection Pack: Bundles, Rewards, Price and more

Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest Extraction-inspired Containment‘ event went live yesterday, and it brought a whole new collection of cosmetic items themed around this event.

The new ‘Nest Destruction’ game mode for this Containment event takes place in an infected Consulate map, where the objective for the REACT Attackers is to destroy the Proteans (Defenders) nests.

But there’s a catch, the Proteans only has their melee attacks in their attacking arsenal, as their guns have been removed. But their HP has been increased to 650, meaning they can absorb quite a lot of bullets from the attackers before going down.

All this action goes down while repping the new Containment skins, which is available for both the Attackers and Defenders.


Alongside the event, Ubisoft has introduced the ‘Containment’ collection, which contains cosmetic items for 5 different Attackers and 5 Defenders. The Attackers have access to the sleek Blue-Yellow themed REACT bundles, while the Defenders have been remodelled to look like parasite-infected aliens.

Check out the 10 operator bundles below: (source Ubisoft)

There is an 11th bundle in this collection called the ‘Germination Bundle’ containing the universal Sentient Growth skin, an attachment skin and a charm.

All items in this Containment collection can be unlocked through these bundles with R6 Credits, with each bundle costing players 1680 Credits. However, players will also be to get these items with renown through Alpha Packs, with one pack costing 12,500 renown and the whole collection a whopping 400,000 renown.

Players will be able to earn a free pack by login into the game right now and another extra one by completing the ‘Pesky Little Things’ challenge, where you’ll have to break 5 attacker drones in the event as Proteans.

Players will also be able to get the Nomad Hive Mind Set by winning 10 rounds on the last week of this special event (Aug 17th – 24th).

Rainbow Six Siege’s CONTAINMENT event kicked off yesterday and will run for three weeks, ending on August 24th. So make sure to grab these limited-time items before they are gone for good.

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