Raft: How to play multiplayer

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Axolot Games

Raft is a survival game where you try to survive on a raft. It is a fun game to play alone, but more fun with friends. Here is how you can play multiplayer in Raft.

Raft starts with a plane crash. Then you find yourself stranded in a little raft in the ocean. Now your goal is to survive and get back to civilization. It has mechanics like many other survival crafting games in the genre. You are on a raft and get to fish up supplies from the water. Then you can expand the raft to build and research new items.

As you progress through the game, you will find islands you can explore. Islands usually give some rewards and also serve to advance the story. In addition, playing with friends means you can gather more resources and build up your raft quickly. So it is a good experience to play with friends.

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How to Play Multiplayer in Raft

Raft only supports steam-based multiplayer. This is because it doesn’t have any dedicated multiplayer server. So, it loads the game from the host and allows other players to join that world. As a result, you can only play multiplayer if you are connected through steam.

Connect Your Frind on Steam

If you don’t have your friend on your steam friends list, then add them by following these instructions:

  • Open up Steam.
  • From the top, click on the “Friends” option.
  • Now click on the “Add Friend” option.
  • You will find your friend code there.
  • Share the code with your friend to let your friend add you.
  • Or, Enter your friend’s code in the box below the code.
  • Now let your friend accept the request, and you are set.
Credit: Steam

Play Raft Multiplayer

Now that your friend is on the list, you can open up the raft and create or load a world. While creating or opening an old-world, ensure you have the “Friends can join” option turned on. You can also add a password if you want.

If you add a password, share it with your friends. Now your friends need to click the join world option, and they should be able to find your world on the menu. If you have a password set, your friends should use that password and be able to get into your world.

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