Raft: How To Get Scrap

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Scrap, a crafting element in Raft, can be a life saver for you! You can create valuable items with it and survive peacefully in the game. This guide will show you the best ways to get Scrap.

You play as the survivor on Raft, where survivors get challenges to complete correctly to get on a new level. To complete these challenges, survivors must gather resources and also sometimes have to purchase various items to get an upgrade or upgrades in the gameplay.

In Raft, players must survive from Sharks and Seagulls. Moreover, they also need to craft items such as Raft, harvesting pots, plants, stones, Scrap, planks, leaves, sand, etc. As a sole survivor, you must collect these things to create extraordinary items which will be helpful to survive throughout the gameplay.

Scrap is one of the crafting materials and one of the most resourceful items in Raft. But, unfortunately, Scrap cannot be easily found as this item is one of the rare ones. But you must stay focused and give effort to finding Scrap.

Raft: How To Get Scrap
Credit: Redbeet Interactive

How To Get Scrap

Scrap can be used for different purposes, like-

  • Bucket
  • Purifier
  • Medium Crop Plot
  • Sprinkler
  • Storage
  • Tank
  • Pipe
  • Weapons
  • Wheel
  • Battery
  • Clock etc.

Getting Scrap can be more accessible if a player knows where to and how to find Scrap.

You may follow the tips and tricks below to find the Scrap:

Ocean Floor

You can get Scrap as they are materialistic items, mostly metal-made at the bottom of the ocean with the help of a Hook or an Anchor. But be careful always while diving deeper into the ocean; Bruce, known as the Shark, might be behind you.

Raft: How To Get Scrap
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

Abandoned Box

You may also find Scrap in abandoned boxes in abandoned rafts in the ocean. Whenever you see an abandoned raft, swim carefully and reach the Raft to find any box with Scrap.

Raft: How To Get Scrap
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

Barrels and Planks

Raft: How To Get Scrap
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

You may find Barrels and planks on the ocean floating, and you should get them with your Hook and rope.


You will find Scrap near the reefs on different islands and should dive and get the Scrap.

Raft: How To Get Scrap
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

These are the best ways you can get Scrap in Raft.

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