Raft: How To Get Nails

In Raft, you will need to use many materials to craft different items. One of the materials you need to find or craft is the Nails. Here is how you can get Nails in the game.

The Raft has the player take control of a character after a plane crash. Your play the character who is a survivor on a small Raft, and your goal is to return to civilization. And to do that, you will need to survive and build to improve your Raft.

The Raft has a very complex crafting system as a game in the survival crafting genre. And so, it asks you to collect many different materials to keep up with the crafting. To craft some of the more advanced items, you will need things like bolts and nails, which need to be made first.

It can be a hassle to know where every single material comes from. And if you are just starting the game, chances are you won’t remember many of their locations. Thus, here is a guide on how you can get Nails in Raft.

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How to Get Nails in Raft

In Raft, there is a chance of getting nails from the barrels you pick up. Other loot box-type items also have a chance of getting a nail inside them. But since it depends on luck, it is not a very reliable way to farm nails. Instead, it would be best if you crafted nails by yourself.

Nail recipe in raft
Credit: Axolot Games

Crafting Nails is also very easy in Raft. All you need is some scraps. You don’t need anything like the smelter. For scraps, you can search the ocean floor near the island. So, sand, metal ore, and scraps will be roughly in the same area. Some of the islands also have scarps that you can loot.

After you have looted enough scraps, go to your inventory and craft the nails from there. You don’t need any particular machine to craft the nails. For example, using 2x scraps will give you 3x nails. This is an excellent way to craft nails since you will need a lot of nails.

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