Raft: How to Get Wool

Raft is filled with materials you need to find to craft new items. One of the materials is the Wool. Here is how you can get Wool in Raft.

Raft takes place on a small raft after a plane crash. You play as a survivor who is trying to survive and get back to the civilization. But on your journey back to the civilization, you will discover and build many items that will increase your chance of survival.

Raft is a survival crafting game. And so, like many other games in this genre, it has a good crafting system. There are a lot of items you can build in this game. But with a lot of things comes a lot of material tracking. So this is what we are doing here today.

One of the materials you will need in Raft is Wool. Wool is somewhat tricky but not too hard to get. So here we will break down how you can get Wool in Raft.

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How to Get Wool in Raft

There is only one animal you can get Wool from. And the animal is the llama. So you need a few things before you start collecting the Wool. Here is how you can prepare your Raft, then capture and shear llama to get Wool.

Preparing the Raft for Llama

First, you will need shears to separate the Wool from the llama. You can make shears on the crafting bench by following this recipe:

  • 1x Metal ingot
  • 1x Hinge
  • 2x Scarp

Now that you have shears, you need to tame a llama. Yes, you can only get Wool from a tamed llama. But before you tame one, you will need a place to put them on. So, make some fence and a grass area by expanding your Raft. If you don’t place them inside the fence, they will escape.

Llama in Raft
Credit: Axolot Games

Taming a Llama and Getting Wool

Now that you have shears and a place to keep the llamas, time to tame one. To tame a llama, you need a net launcher and a net canister. If you don’t have those on you, craft them at the crafting table. Then, load your net launcher with the net canister and fire at the llama.

This is how you capture a llama. Upon capturing the llama, it will count as being tamed. Now you can place the llama inside the fence and shear it every 15 minutes to get Wool. You will also have to feed the llama while it is on your Raft.

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