Raft: How To Get Bolts

Bolts in Raft are made from metals. It is a necessary item to create many of the game’s late-game materials. Here is how you can get Blots in the game.

Raft is a survival crafting game where you try to survive on a small Raft. As you survive, you unlock new items to expand your Raft and craft more unique items. The crafting system in the game is really in-depth. You start small but can even build engines and bioreactors in the late game.

The bolt is one of the materials you need to craft many late-game items. For example, bolt plays a vital role in making antennae, fishing rods, spears, etc. So you will need to make a lot of bolts if you want to craft advanced items.

With that in mind, here is a guide explaining everything you need to know about bolts, from finding the materials to crafting the bolts themselves.

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How to Get Bolts in Raft

Bolts in the Raft are made from metal ingots. To get metal ingot, you will first need a smelter. You can find metal ores on the ocean floor around the island. Unfortunately, they are not too rare but not quite common either.

To collect metal ores, equip your hook and break them from the ocean floor just like the sands. Then pick them up in your inventory and bring them back on your Raft. Now, place them on the smelter and fuel it. The smelter will melt the ore and create Metal Ingot from it.

Metal ore in Raft
Credit: Axolot Games

To unlock bolts, first, you have to research one metal ingot on the research table. Then you can use Metal Ingots to make Bolts for your use. This is the way you craft bolts. However, there is also a chance of getting Bolts from the barrels you find on the ocean.

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