Raft: How to Use Pipes

The Raft has you build many types of machinery as you play through the game. You need to use pipes to connect those machines with water or fuel sources. Here is how you can efficiently use pipes in Raft.

In Raft, you play as a plane crash survivor, surviving on a Raft. Your goal is to return to civilization. This is a survival crafting game. So, you have many tools at your disposal to build up your Raft. You will also find more tools to improve your base.

As you play through the game, you will eventually unlock more and more heavy types of machinery. These can be anything from water purifiers and biofuel reactors to engines for your Raft.

But one crucial thing you will need is the pipes. Pipes connect all the machines to water or fuel sources depending on their needs. Here is how you can use pipes effectively in Raft.

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How to Use Pipes Efficiently in Raft

Pipes in Raft are of two kinds. One is a water pipe, and the other is a fuel pipe. Both types of pipes require scraps to make. They need 4x Scraps to make and give 2x Pipes. Pipes take one block of space on your Raft and need the flooring to place it.

Credit: Axolot Games

Efficient Use of Space while Placing Pipes

One trick you can use to avoid flooring all your Raft is to place the flooring and then place the pipe. After that, you can remove the flooring, and the pipes will remain in place. This way, you don’t need to place flooring around as you place the pipes.

If you want to connect the pipes to a machine, make sure to avoid turns as much as possible. This is because having turns in the pipeline will cost you more space and pipes than it normally would.

How to Connect and start Pipe Lines

To connect a machine to a water or fuel source, place a pipe near the machine. It will automatically connect with the machine. Now place the pipes to connect to a water or fuel source. Follow the same way to connect the pipe to a water/fuel source. So, just place the pipe near the source, and it will connect automatically.

While placing the pipelines, you don’t need to worry about distance, height, or pressure. As long as the pipeline is connected to two properly functioning machines, it will work automatically despite the pressure, height, or distance. There is no loss over distance while using the pipes either.

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