R6S Y5S4.1 Patch finally brings pause timer in Online Custom matches

Following Operation Neon Dawn release, the first big patch- Y5S4.1– will drop today on the live servers, introducing the pause/resume timer option and a ton of bug fixes.

Rainbow Six Siege esports suffers a lot of downtime due to rehosts during the online competitive matches. With frequent sound bugs and connection issues, the players are forced to call a rehost, which is not only harmful to the team’s momentum but also detrimental for the R6 esports audience. This frequent downtime between ongoing matches might even push away potential viewers, as the action is completely halted for quite a period of time.

Custom Game Timers

  • A pause/resume timer option has been added to lobby creator’s menu options during the Planning Phase for Online Custom Games. This setting is accessible by click the Menu icon found in the top right of the screen.
  • This pause timer has a default timeout setting of 10 minutes and can be adjusted as needed.

But with the new pause/resume timer option, the online match can be paused directly by the lobby creator, while a player restarts and reconnects to the game. Apart from saving time, this will also save the leaderboard stats, providing viewers the full context of the match. Furthermore, tactical-timeouts can now be introduced in online competitive matches.


Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.07 GB
  • Steam: 803.2 MB
  • Xbox One: 1.02 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.02 GB
  • PS4: 977 MiB
  • PS5: 875 MiB

The devs also implemented a plethora of bug fixes, which is why the update size might be larger than usual. Check out the bug fixes list down below:



  • FIXED โ€“ Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps.
  • FIXED โ€“ Minor rappel issues present on Skyscraper and Plane maps.
  • FIXED โ€“ Several glass resistance and destruction issues present on Bank and Outback maps.
  • FIXED โ€“ Drones are able to pass through multiple objects and textures.
  • FIXED โ€“ A multitude of LOD issues present on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Line of sight issue present between the railing and wall in 2F Exhibition Room on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Misaligned textures and clipping are present on various surfaces on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Deployable gadgets can be heavily obscured in table debris in 2F Geisha Room on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Compass location is missing in drone view on top of the fence in EXT Ventilation Units on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ An Operator will spawn on top of the display case on the north side of 2F Exhibition Room on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Ceiling vents are not visible underneath the ceiling in 2F Shrine on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Several collision issues present when destroying items on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Various gaps and seams present between objects on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ LOD issue present on a box located at the south side of 1F Cargo Hold on Plane map.
  • FIXED โ€“ A gap is visible between the west wall and ceiling in 1F Garage on Clubhouse map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Players can clip at the NE corner of the EXT Roof on Border map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Attackers can navigate to certain points on Coastline map to create an unfair line of sight.
  • FIXED โ€“ Lighting issues on Skyscraper map create various hiding points for Operators and their gadgets.
  • FIXED โ€“ Some cardboard boxes have a delay when being destroyed on Tower map.


  • FIXED โ€“ Twitch’s Shock drones and Echo’s Yokai drone are shooting when the player begins to pull the trigger rather than the end position of the trigger.
  • FIXED โ€“ Inputs for Operator drones and cameras are not swapping when left-handed controls are selected.
  • FIXED โ€“ Montagne can melee and extend his shield in the same animation.
  • FIXED โ€“ Sound effects aren’t present when Tachanka melees an indestructible wall or item with the Shumikha Launcher.
  • FIXED โ€“ Fire sound effects are present even when fire does not emit from Tachanka’s weapon.
  • FIXED โ€“ Rook’s facemask is white instead of the intended color on several of his headgear options.
  • FIXED โ€“ Players are unable to pick up Aruni’s Surya Gate after deploying it on the western window at 1F Reception on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Zero’s Argus Camera experiencing several functionality issues on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Echo’s Yokai drone clips with various objects on Villa and Morocco maps.
  • FIXED โ€“ Finka’s Adrenaline Boost has a slight audio issue near the end of the sound.
  • FIXED โ€“ Lion’s EE-ONE-D drone is not visible on his arm when activated in Article 5.
  • FIXED โ€“ Tachanka’s Shumikha Launcher projectiles are colliding with invisible walls.


  • FIXED โ€“ Overlapped text is present on the warning screen.
  • FIXED โ€“ Some charms are clipping or overlapping each other.
  • FIXED โ€“ When multiple controllers are paired, not all of them are able to control the game.
  • FIXED โ€“ Visual customization is not displaying on Operator weapons in the Operator View after pressing the “Equip to All” button.
  • FIXED โ€“ Performance/Resolution mode settings don’t apply on the PS5 console after a reboot.
  • FIXED โ€“ Incorrect message displays when a player attempts to reconnect to a match.
  • FIXED โ€“ Various visual issues present with Battle Pass progression.
  • FIXED โ€“ Changing the resolution in the options menu makes the background flicker black and white.
  • FIXED โ€“ Voice chat frequently cuts off or is heavily distorted when CVAA is activated.
  • FIXED โ€“ When matchmaking in Quick Match, a Connection Failure message appears for some players.
  • FIXED โ€“ Score and timer are occasionally missing from HUD elements.
  • FIXED โ€“ Minor spacing and line-break text errors in menu and descriptions.
  • FIXED โ€“ Collision audio for certain ceramic tiles is playing the sound of metal footsteps.
  • FIXED โ€“ Multiple small clipping issues present on Operator uniforms.
  • FIXED โ€“ Rooftop reinforcement notification is present even though the system is off.
  • FIXED โ€“ The “Safety First” Core Challenge does not unlock in certain situations.

The Y5S4.1 Patch will come to live servers today on PC at 14:00 UTC, Xbox: 15:00 UTC, and Playstation: 16:00 UTC.

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