R6 LATAM team Estral Esports has been sanctioned for intentionally throwing a match

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: R6 LATAM

During the last playday of the Mexican RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Championship, Estral Esports lost the competitive match against Infinity Academy, which clearly looked intentional.

On October 18th, Estral Esports was sitting comfortably on the top of the ‘Campeonato Mexicano’ table. In their last match, Estral was matched up against Infinity Academy, the bottom-placed team, where Estral lost the matchup 1-7 and 2-7 consecutively.

The way Estral’s team lost clearly caught the attention of the R6 LATAM authorities and an investigation was initiated for this situation. And now R6 LATAM has reported that Estral’s “starting players showed attitudes that border on unsportsmanlike behavior.”

Here’s how the official post reads: (translated from Spanish)

“Competitive integrity is one of the most important priorities for us and acts that disrespect the competition, the teams, and much less the fans of both esports and the competitive Rainbow Six Siege will not be tolerated.

It has been determined that the Estral team and specifically the Fungi player fell into a violation of the regulation code under the name “Match Throwing”. For this, the team will be sanctioned with an economic fine that will be deducted from the economic support given to the organization, and the player Fungi will be out of the competition for 3 matches on the national circuit.

The sanction was determined prior to the confrontation of the Mexican Major, and each of the teams was notified about said sanction in advance, so it had already been determined that Fungi would participate in the Major as he was not part of the national Rainbow Six Siege circuit.

We reaffirm our position and wish to maintain a healthy outcome in the competitions to come and in the same way we invite our community and participants to be part of this competitive development.”

Estral Esports did end up winning the Mexican November Six Major 2020, but Ubisoft and Rainbow Six LATAM admins showed that they won’t tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior that damages the competitive integrity of their esports circuit.

Recently, APAC team CYCLOPS was also seen throwing a match; however, it was done to gain a better seed for the Six Major. Ubisoft still hasn’t announced anything for that situation as of now, but if they want to be consistent with the rules, they might also sanction CYCLOPS in the near future.

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