Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary: All Trophies and Achievements

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List of all trophies and achievements from the upcoming puzzle classic remaster Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary.

Q.U.B.E is a puzzle game with players manipulating blocks to solve puzzles and making their way using their gloves. Q.U.B.E was released in 2011, and everyone quickly noticed its similarities with Portal games, from how the game looks to how it plays. Portal had you using portals to solve puzzles and place and manipulate various objects. On the other hand, Q.U.B.E has you manipulating various cubes to solve obstacles and get to the next stage. Both have a similar visual aesthetic as well.

Although it was not highly praised like the Portal Series, Q.U.B.E was still an enjoyable experience to many especially puzzle game fans. The game also has a very good story that is worth playing for. To summarise, you wake up with amnesia in a structure in space. As you advance, you discover its secret and your objective to be here. You find out you’re on a mission to save Earth from imminent destruction.

Q.U.B.E 10th anniversary trophies achievements
credit: Toxic Games

The game also spawned a sequel named Q.U.B.E 2 in 2017, which was also a great game and was different in many ways from the original. Most notable with its non-linearity. Developers Toxic Game’s Q.U.B.E 10th-Anniversary is a remaster of the game that follows the story of the Director’s Cut. The remaster completely modernizes the visuals and revises some sections. Furthermore, it has new content and a new chapter to play.

For puzzle game fans, this is a big release, and you should try it out as soon as possible if you have never played it before and experience the game’s challenging puzzles and story. Moreover, Q.U.B.E’s 10th Anniversary also brings trophies and achievements. Some of them are acquired as you play, and some need effort. For hunters, this is just another challenge atop the game’s puzzle. So let’s see the Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary PlayStation trophies and Xbox achievements.

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Q.U.B.E 10th-Anniversary: All Xbox Achievements

Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary contains 24 Achievements for Xbox consoles that offer a total Gamerscore of 1000G.

Achievement NameHow To UnlockGamerscore
Sector 1Complete Sector 130G
Sector 2Complete Sector 230G
Sector 3Complete Sector 330G
Sector 4Complete Sector 430G
Sector 5Complete Sector 530G
Sector 6Complete Sector 630G
Sector 7Complete Sector 730G
FinaleFinal Cutscene30G
Feeling the BluesComplete the second part of the blue cube intro without touching the floor50G
The CollectorAcquire all collectibles in the main campaign50G
SquishedCrush the enemy bot40G
Crush That Ball!Crush the physics ball40G
Did That Work? — No!Turn the color ball black30G
Master RoomReach master room30G
The Puzzle MasterComplete all puzzles30G
Bronze TrophyCollect all bronze cubes30G
Silver TrophyCollect all silver cubes40G
Gold TrophyCollect all gold cubes50G
Master of the CollectiblesCollect all cubes50G
Phew!Collect all cubes in puzzle rooms70G
Hopefully, that’s all of them!Collect all cubes in the master room70G
Maxed OutReach maximum points70G
Completed It.Reach the exit70G
Crush That Cube!Crush the physics cube40G
Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary Xbox Achievements

Q.U.B.E 10th-Anniversary: All PlayStation Trophies

Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary contains 25 Trophies for PlayStation players.

Trophy NameHow To UnlockTrophy Type
Q.U.B.EUnlock all TrophiesPlatinum
Sector 1Complete Sector 1Bronze
Sector 2Complete Sector 2Bronze
Sector 3Complete Sector 3Bronze
Sector 4Complete Sector 4Bronze
Sector 5Complete Sector 5Bronze
Sector 6Complete Sector 6Bronze
Sector 7Complete Sector 7Bronze
FinaleFinal CutsceneBronze
Feeling the BluesComplete the second part of the blue cube intro without touching the floorSilver
The CollectorAcquire all collectibles in the main campaignSilver
SquishedCrush the enemy botSilver
Crush That Ball!Crush the physics ballSilver
Did That Work? — No!Turn the color ball blackBronze
Master RoomReach master roomBronze
The Puzzle MasterComplete all puzzlesBronze
Bronze TrophyCollect all bronze cubesBronze
Silver TrophyCollect all silver cubesSilver
Gold TrophyCollect all gold cubesGold
Master of the CollectiblesCollect all cubesSilver
Phew!Collect all cubes in puzzle roomsGold
Hopefully, that’s all of them!Collect all cubes in the master roomGold
Maxed OutReach maximum pointsGold
Completed It.Reach the exitGold
Crush That Cube!Crush the physics cubeSilver
Q.U.B.E 10th Anniversary Playstation Trophies

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