How to Wall Jump: Psychonauts 2

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Psychonauts 2 gives you an extensive set of skills to use in the game. Let’s start by getting a hang of the basics first, shall we?

If you are a fan exploring a game around the map for collectibles and items. Psychonauts 2 might be the game you would love to play.

The game mechanics allow players to roam and jump around the beautiful yet weird-looking world of Psychonauts 2.

This guide aims to help you understand how you can wall jump with ease in Psychonauts 2 if you are unfamiliar with the game mechanics.

How to Perform a Wall Jump in Psychonauts 2

Wall jump is one of the most basic moves in Raz’s control roaster since it allows you to land in places you cannot usually access.

To wall jump, you must first ensure you are between two narrow walls. Now go ahead and lean against the wall and press A on Xbox or press X on PlayStation.

Once you see Raz hold on to a wall, press A or X again to jump onto the other wall, and keep doing it until you reach the top.

Jumping is an essential aspect of Psychonauts 2 if you want to find all the collectibles in the game.

Sometimes, as you play more, you will have to wall jump them and then do a double jump to get to the other wall if they are at a fair distance.

Moreover, I would also recommend unlocking the charged jump for the levitation skill as it can be convenient.

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