How to Get Inside The High Rollers Lounge: Psychonauts 2

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By Md Obyead Adiba Chowdhury
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Here is how you can get inside the High Rollers Lounge in Psychonauts 2.

After you manipulate Hollis’s mind to make her a gambling addict, Raz will need to go into her mind again to fix what he has done to Hollis.

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Going into her mind, you must get inside the High Rollers Lounge to fix it. Below is a complete breakdown of how to get inside the High Rollers Lounge.

How to get inside High Rollers Lounge in Psychonauts 2

You must get three gazillion dollars to get inside the High Rollers Lounge. To get these, you must complete puzzles inside other rooms on the cube. There are a total of three puzzles, and each of them awards you one gazillion dollars.

Pharmacy Door

Although all these games have been rigged, you must find clues, solve the rigged system, and earn three gazillion dollars.

The first Gazillion Dollars will depend on the door you enter first. We recommend entering the Pharmacy door first. Upon entering it, you will have to talk to the NPC at the bar.

It will allow you to play the game of Pillinnko, but you will lose no matter how you play it, so it’s impossible.

So what you have to do is first you will have to take with the nurse, the old patient, and the young patient. After that, thought bubbles will get spawned.

Now, you must connect Wisdom to Decision and then Judgement to Quitting. Afterward, you will enter the machine and use the mental connection to fix the rigged system. For the last step, all you have to do is play the game and land the pill in the stomach.

Pharmacy Door
Credit- Double Fine Productions

Maternity Door

You will find the next Gazillion door inside the Maternity door. Talk to the wealthy skeleton couple as you head inside the casino area. You will be awarded a gazillion dollars if you get them a baby.

First, you must use Mental Connections to get inside the rigged Wheel. After getting inside, you will have to fix it using Mental Connection. You must play the game again, and the couple will get their baby – earning you a gazillion dollars.

Cardiology Door

Maternity Door
Credit- Double Fine Productions

As for the final gazillion-dollar, head over to the Cardiology door. After you get inside the room, go right and talk to the nurse and make a bet on the heart.

The heart will lose the race, but you can access the backdoor. Talk with the heart racer, and select the “What if I raced for you” dialogue option.

After that, you will once again have to use Mental Connection to enter the game and fix the rigged game using connections.

After you have fixed the rigged game, go to the nurse again and make a bet on heart, but this time, you will get to race. All you have to do is complete and win the race to get a gazillion dollars and finally, you can get inside the High Rollers Club.

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