Psychonauts 2: How To Defeat Lucktopus

The first boss you face on Psychonauts 2 is Lucktopus.

Psychonauts 2 bosses can be challenging at times. Although defeating Lucktopus is reasonably easy as it is the first boss you will encounter. Still, players may take some time to get used to what you need to do to defeat Lucktopus. So we have made a complete guide on how you can beat Lucktopus in Psychonauts 2.

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How to Defeat Lucktopus in Psychonauts 2:

As the boss battle begins, you will notice the interns inside the cards that Lucktopus has. To free your friends and damage Lucktopus, first, you will have to hit him with the bombs she will stick on the table. Use telekinesis to pick up the bombs and attach them to her arm to release your friends. Moreover, look out for shiny green things to restore your health.

After you do it two times, she will get scared and mental connections will pop up from her, and now you will be able to damage her. Use your mental connection powers to travel behind her, damage her using your Marksmanship PSI Power. Do this and you will move to the second phase of the boss battle.

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The next phase of the fight is much more challenging than the first one. Since this time you will have to make sure you stand up on the poker chips to avoid getting electrified. After you get past that, you will have to avoid the bombs like you did the first time and use telekinesis to pluck them inside her hand to make her vulnerable and damage her. Repeat this a couple of times, and you will finally defeat her.

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