Project Slayers: How To Find Blue Lily Flowers

Blue Lily Flower is one of the special items in Project Slayers with which you can gain the immense power of a Demon soul! Isn’t that thrilling? We will tell you the shortest ways to find this amazing beauty!

You may travel from mountains to major cities in Project Slayers! The game allows you to feel the adrenaline. In addition, players can do chores to get rewards. There are lakes where you can go Fishing in the game. Moreover, there are beautiful places on the Project Slayer map.

Each place on the map is filled with different adventures and experiences. Another mysteriously beautiful item in Project Slayers is Blue Lily Flowers. These Blue Lily Flowers can help you acquire power and become greater.

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Project Slayers: How To Find Blue Lily Flowers

How To Find Blue Lily Flowers

You may follow the steps below to find these Blue Lily Flowers:

Start Muzan’s Quest

Muzan is an NPC in the game who will give you the task of finding these flowers. He will draw his blood out to give you the demon soul.

Kabiwaru Village

Locate Kabiwaru Village on your map and start traveling there with the Horseguy. Once you reach the village, explore it around.

You will get a few flowers at Kabiwaru Village.

Project Slayers: How To Find Blue Lily Flowers

Butterfly Mansion

To get more of these Blue Lily Flowers, visit the Butterfly Mansion.

You will get enough flowers from these two places. Travel to these places with the Horseguy to reach faster. After you get enough flowers, get back to Muzan and give him those to start your demon power gaining process.

This is the easiest and the quickest way to gather Blie Lily Flowers. Best of Luck!!

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