Professional Warzone Player Devinity Gets Banned on Twitch Following Ban Expose

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone 2.0 professional player “Devinity” has been banned after being exposed by prominent content creators.

Warzone 2.0 is suffering from the same hacker plague as its predecessor. The live-service game implemented an anti-cheat system RICOCHET, which regularly adds new counters to cheats. However, these counters are still not enough to deter these hackers.

Aside from normal players, many content creators and professionals have also been accused of using cheats in Warzone 2.0 to make their gameplay attractive or gain an unfair advantage. Recently, content creator ModernWarzone exposed a professional player, Devinity, for blatantly using cheats in wager matches, leading to his ban on Twitch.

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Devinity’s Twitch Ban after Getting Exposed by ModernWarfare

In a recent tweet, content creator Doug Dagnabbit, better known as ModernWarzone, was exposed for using hacks while competing in professional wager matches. Later, Devinity admitted to cheating however, he claimed that he got the cheats before that day.

Warzone 2 Devinity Twitch Ban

Less than 24 hours later, the now convicted cheating “BR professional” was back streaming on Twitch. Moreover, he was seen flexing all the money that he technically stole from other competitors participating in the wager matches by cheating. His winnings amounted to a total of $70,000.

Warzone 2 Devinity Twitch Ban

After ModernWarzone highlighted Devinity’s actions, the accused blocked him on Twitter. Other players rushed to confront Divinity for flaunting his winnings even after admitting to cheating. Devinity started receiving backlash from the community, including other prominent content creators. He switched his Twitter account to Private from Public in response to incoming hate.

Leading to the present time, Devinity has been banned from Twitch. His cheating in Warzone 2.0 violates Twitch’s TOS. In the past, other cheaters in different games have been banned for hacking while livestreaming their gameplay.

Warzone 2.0 has always been plagued with hackers from the beginning ruining player experience. If professional players also cheat openly, it will only encourage more players to hack without repercussions. Hopefully, Activision will take this matter into hand and take more action against these players who ruin the integrity of the game.

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