Preseason Patch 10.23 Hotfix Changes: Eclipse Nerf, Viktor Nerf, Kassadin Buff, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games is already pushing some notable changes to one of the most if not the most overpowered item Eclipse along with few other items with the preseason patch 10.23 hotfix.

The biggest patch of this year, the preseason patch 10.23 just went live on November 11th with new item class, overhaul, and some other major updates. With so many new things coming in, it was pretty much decided that players would have to encounter some “broken” or “overpowered” items or champions in the first few days. Even Riot acknowledged that and said, “We’re gathering tons of data and feedback.”

And now, just after one day, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has revealed their plan to hotfix nerf or buff some of the new changes.

“We know there is lots lots more to do in the next few patches, just starting to chip away at the most out of balance items and champs,” Riot Scruffy on the hotfix changes.

Preseason Patch 10.23 Hotfix Changes

Eclipse Nerf

  • Damage: 8% >>> 6% max HP
  • Movement Speed: 30% >>> 15%

Liandry’s Anguish Torment Nerf

  • Ramping Pen: 5% per second up to 25% >>> 5% per second up to 15%

Lichbane Nerf

  • Spellblade AP ratio: 60% >>> 50%

Guinsoo’s Rageblade Nerf

  • Cost: 2600 >> 2800g
  • On-hit damage per 20% crit chance 45 >>> 40

Jungle Starters AP Buff

  • Burn Damage AP Ratio: 10% >>> 20%

Moonstone Renewer Bugfix

  • Properly triggers when healing an ally who is in combat

Champion Changes

Viktor Nerf

  • E1 AP Ratio: 70% >>> 50%
  • E Aftershock base damage: 20-180 >>> 20-140

Kassadin Buff

  • Health per level: 90 >>> 105
  • R base mana cost: 50 >>> 40


  • Vlad E cooldown properly starts on cast
  • Ashe can no longer double dip on Passive crit scaling and Rageblade (tooltip fixed in 10.24)
  • Zoe no longer generates extra teleport shards in an edge case
  • Fixed Jungle Item Sell Exploit
  • Fixed Riftmaker and Elder Dragon execute interacting recursively
  • Fixed The Collector execute and Elder Dragon execute interacting recursively
  • Fixed Bramble and Thornmail’s Grevious Wounds passive stops working if the item holder dies
  • Garen’s E crit scaling now does the correct amount

Preseason Patch 10.23 Hotfix changes are coming out tonight and more changes will follow up in the later patches.

ali ahmed akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
Ali Ahmed Akib is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-chief of GameRiv. Akib grew up playing MOBA titles, especially League of Legends and is currently managing the editorial team of GameRiv.